No Smoking Day

9 weeks

Hello everyone

9 weeks today, the weeks really do fly by after a while, may just count the months soon.

Don't think i've thought about cigs once this week. The past few weeks the thoughts pop up at obvious times, ie when i'm stressed or nervous.

Oooh, no, i'm lying, they did cross my mind as i was driving home on Tues, which was completely out of the blue, and i think you have to watch out for these sneaky thoughts the most!!!|

It was strange cos i was full of cold, and wouldn't want to smoke anyway.

And to clarify - these are just THOUGHTS not cravings, haven't had a craving in weeks!!!

Anyway, still loving being smoke free - keep it up everyone, its soooooo worth it!!

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Congrats Chocobunny

9 weeks thats excellent well done, yes the days/weeks do fly by i remember posting on day1 and its flown by i am on day 99 month4 but i dont remember the days now i have to calculate them when i started i had a quit calender which went up to day 70 and i ticked them of religiously everyday but then i ran out of calender so i havent bothered just add the days up in my head if i need them.


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