No Smoking Day



Another Saturday night boozing with friends, awoke again to find a packet of cig papers and some tobac my friend gave me after I left a party at 7am this morning.

I awoke at 5pm and felt like I had smoked a 20 pac last night, although I was just passive smoking at the party of heavy smokers.

Still made it through last night with no smokes, not sure why I end up with ciggies in the morning though after a night out, must seem like a good idea at the time, though when it comes down to it I resist.

My tastes buds are going crazzzzzy, ive had to make an appointment with my dentist as all I taste is my disgusting mouth all day. Anyone else had that? I really need my teath cleaned properly and a filling. :eek:

OK All goodnight am of to bed , got an interview tomorrow for a promoted position at work, hope me hangover is away by then :cool:


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Hi Steph,

Whew glad you dodged the smokes again! Maybe you should tell your friends that you DON'T want to smoke and even if you beg for them while you are drunk not to give them to you. That will then narrow it down to you getting them only if you buy them. Good luck at your interview :)


Hi Steph,

Maybe it's just because I have a dark twisted sense of humour, but since I've been a non smoker (today is my 30th day, btw!) I *actually* enjoy it when my smoking friends try to 'push' cigarettes on me.

Sure it was difficult to start with, but each time I said no I felt incredibly powerful compared to the weakness they showed by being a slave to the nicotine and routine of smoking. It soon confirmed to me that once I made a decision I really could achieve!

Don't get upset with waking up with a packet of cigarettes in your pocket. That packet just represents you trying to hang on to a part of you that is now left behind. As you threw that packet away, you just confirmed to yourself that you are a non smoker and have disguarded such worthless things.

The taste will improve. Your taste buds are just awakening again. Once you have got past this stage, food will become a taste explosion in your mouth.

Good luck with the promo - hopefully you'll be celebrating a promo along with a successfully quit!


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