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Well just about, OK now is the end of day six and everything is groovy, however ...

Last night went out (Friday) with friends for heaps of Ale stuff ;) ... anywaz on me way home (as what I can remember) I got the Taxi driver to stop into the local garage.

I awoke this morning to find a opened pack of ten malb reds ... none smoked

though ... phew .... even in my drunken state I managed ....

Today I went around to my good friends house, in which he is a secret smoker, ie: dosent like anyone knowing he smokes, then sneaks away for a puff, I gave him the opened pack with all ten ciggies, as I know that having them in the house after having weekend ales might be touch and go ...

I am so glad I never smoked any, though I am going to treat this like me last post, ie: "In the heat of drunkeness I phoned my ex" "the ciggies" ;)

Love& Peace ...

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WAY TO GO STEPH!!! You did great. Glad you gave the ciggies away before you were tempted to smoke them :D

You should be extremely proud of yourself for not slipping even when you were drunk ;)

Wow Steph! Amazing!! You should consider this a MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT. Pretty damed good when even in a drunk state you can pass them up. Even at the weakest you didn't cave! I think you can call yourself an OFFICIAL NON SMOKER.

well done!

Yeah, don't give in Steph. I've stopped before for 8 months and I KNOW it gets easier. I've been having some smoking thoughts today, I can't seem to stop them, but I am not going to give in. I can't 100% remember what it was like last time but no way was I feeling like this for 8 months otherwise I know I'd have cracked. Just keep hanging in there and using whatever you've got at your disposal to help you through.

Oh Well Done Steph - having the smokes on you and not having one is the hardest thing but you did amazingly well.

You should feel very proud of yourself cos it shows the determination you have for your quit.

Well Done


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