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'Tis 5 days today!

Hi All

Posting from a different county than usual today. I'm at my mum's and it's day 5 today. I feel pretty good to be honest. I feel as though I passed a major test last night. My mum went babysitting for my uncle's kids and left me at her house to watch the rugby. At half time I fancied a snack and remembered where my mum keeps her twiglets hidden. As I opened the door to the cupboard I saw a box of 200 lambert and butler my mum had brought back from Portugal for me! Anyway, I left them where they were and went back to the rugby. I feel this was a big test overcome as I could have had 200 free cigarette's. I feel better each morning I wake up now and I did not want to lose what I've gained so far. I can't wait to start running again - should be monday night, so that I can try out my new found fitness.

Anyway I'm off now as I'm on dial up here and it takes forever to navigate the internet. Will report back in later.

Have a good weekend everyone...

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That's great news ... well done Graeme :)

Be really proud of yourself .. cos that sure was a real test of willpower.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Take care




Well done Graeme! I can just imagine opening that drawer :eek:

I'm on Day 5 too, using Champix.



Had same experience last night - must be a day 5 thing.... Jon left ciggies in utility room and was watching film with niece - went through as I was struggling last night and new I had to walk away - one puff and all the had work would have gone up in smoke...

Maybe I should get my trainers out again - will have to run once its dark otherwise will shock the neighbours and frighten the kids....:eek: may stay on the one in the house - much safer.

Keep going and good luck



I think every hurdle we overcome gives us the strength and the courage to continue when it becomes difficult. I sure know how hard it can be. Not anymore after reading that "scary read". I have enuff problems breathing and would like to live to see my own son have my first grandchild. At the rate he is going though it could be a very long time down the road...sigh...I want to be able to travel to New York as frequently as I want and walk the mountain trails like we use to when I lived there and not have to carry an oxygen tank! My output meter on my breathing still shows good but it's the low end. So everything I can do to improve that helps! That includes all of you!!!! You make it so much easier. I think when I was having all that stress going on if I had of just come here more often instead of intraverting like always I would not be back at day 5. Another hard lesson learned but at least I have learned it!


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