No Smoking Day

Never give up giving up

I quit for 6 weeks, for the umpteenth time. Due to very a stressful event I started again. A few days later I quit for 2 days, started again, quit again the following Monday, started again. This has been going on for 3 weeks, I really don't want to smoke but have been having a hard time fighting the urge.:mad:

Today I'm trying again, I want to be strong, as much as I enjoy smoking, I want to be in control of my body, my finances, not be controlled by an expensive and deadly addiction. The hardest part for me is always the mental addiction, breaking that.:mad:

So, I try again, always hopeful, there will come a time when I do this, I'm hopeful that time is now.:)



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Welcome home Ali x x x x x

You know that the support here is paramount and very strong tool in quitting ;)

You have done a lot more of 'not smoking' than smoking!!

So you are two steps ahead already and on the right track ;)

Stay strong and keep posting *hugs*

~Buffy x x


Hi wellcome back been wondering how you was. I know what you mean the mind thing is the worse for me and did have a blip 12 days ago still having a bit of a time with it but know in my heart I dont want to be a smoker. good luck to you babe all we can do is try our best. Not easy when everyone around you is smoking. I can hear my parnter as I type making a roillie HEHEHE Linda xxx


hiya maeagain

you are spot on - never give up giving up, and you cant fail!

dont worry yourself, just dust yourself off and try again. x were all here or you, good luck and all the best to you ;)


Morning Ali

How are you this morning hope things are going ok. Just to let you know I was thinking of you Linda xxxxx


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