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For Mr Whitey - Day 9

Dear Mr Whitey


Hi there babe - you're doing brilliantly. Only one day to go and then you're in double figures so you'd better keep going...........or else!!!!!

The fact you are so busy is really good cos it helps take all your mind off everything - and also that smoking is not the biggest thing that you are thinking about now. Isn't it brilliant.

You go Mr Whitey - Flying along now you are at 1000000mph

Take care lovely and speak soon.

Big Poppy Hugs


Always watching your back - you'd better believe it!!!!

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Thanks still mega busy will cach uplater

Hi all stilll doing well:)


Dear Whitey

No probs lovely - in your own time. Just mega pleased for you that you are ok and doing soooooo well. You've become a little ninja against the smokey joes!!

Have a great day lovely.

Biggest Hugs



Well done! Am right behind you (well, 2 days behind) so don't even think about giving in now. Not that you were of course, you sound far too busy to be giving this evil smoking thing a second thought. I think busyness is a great quitting aid!!


Well Done Mr Whiteboy x x

Glad your busy, great distraction :D hehehehe

Double figures tomorrow :eek:

Stay strong

~Buffy x x


YAHHHOOOO!! Great going...awesome. Keep up with the no smoking days cause we on this forum are NON SMOKERS!!!!!!!!! :D


Well i am still very busy but have taken time out to post:p

I might have to go cold turkey on day 10 as every time i have a NRT gum bloody hell my throat is on fire i was up all night last night with bad burning acid, i dont have this at all until i have a gum, i went to tesco's tonight and bought some micro tabs but this is the same when i swallow it burns like hell any way i will keep you all informed.



Aw :(

I know that feeling x x xnot nice,

try a real gum with half a nicotine one and drink water with it

this may help a bit?

Otherwise maybe an inhalor type nrt??

I hate acid, sleeping upright is not fun :rolleyes:

I hope you find a solution x x

~Buffy x x


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