For Mr Whitey - Day 10

Day 10 and look at you! Go Buddy Go Buddy Go Buddy Go Buddy Go Go Go!!!



Well done for getting so far - immensley proud of you. This may help with the acid problem (I get it to with my pancratitus).

1) Avoid acidy foods such as onions. Also fatty and fried foods. Coffee and alchohol - for the moment!

2) Sip warm drinks.

3) Use a hot water bottle on your tum - it works wonders

4) There is a herbal rememdy called Arsenicum Album - but not tried this one so not sure how good - but specifically for acid.

5) You have to be careful with medications cos some of them in themselves cause acid particulalry mixed with eg nrt chemicals etc.

I hope you have a really good day today - plenty of distraction and keeping busy seems to be helping you immensely.

Well done again lovely. BIG UP MR WHITEY!!

Big Poppy hugs just for you


Always watching your back - you'd better believe it!!!

Keeping you warm making your tum better.

6 Replies

  • Thanks x day10 is here :)

  • Wo0t!!!

    Double figures :eek:

    Way to go Whiteboy :D

    ~Buffy x x

  • WEll done Whiteboy Keep up the great work Linda xx

  • Mr Whitey

    So so proud of you - never forget that.

    Biggest Hugs


  • Well today has to be my best day yet only had 6 gums and the acid has gone now thank god onwards and upwards thanks all for all your posts cant wait to get 2 weeks under my belt:) ;) :D

  • YAYYYY!! Super job. You are doing great :D Wow big 10!!!

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