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No Smoking Day
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Thank You Everyone

Dear Guys

Thank you so much to all of you for being so nice to me yesterday when i was feeling so lousy from lack of sleep etc. I managed to go to bed at 10.30pm but Mr P came in at 12.30am and made such a racket lights on etc it woke me up so then I was back on the treadmill of tossing, turning and looking at the clock until I got up at 5.00am. The plus side is I have spent time in the mornings with NoSmoke4Me who is a wonderful lady, and West Ham who has to be one of the funniest and top guys i have ever come across. So there is a silver lining to everything if you look for it.

I am hoping to get some more sleep tonight but don't hold your breath and will only take the Red Bull if feel I am flaking as need it to keep me going looking after the kiddies.

It's amazing how many people the lack of sleep thing affects.

But thanks ever so and loves you all to pieces!!!!


PS) Isn't it fab that we don't have to worry about the news anymore when they talk about more cigerrette warnings etc as per news this morning.

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Not sure about that. :cool:

There are some great people on here.


Dear Boudee

Sorry hunny, I think these last few days I have been on a bit of a shut down. I think the fact I was in bed at 10.30 last night coz I was ready to sleep certainly helped things (though still got into funny sleep mode).

This morning I ate some fruit for breakfast which I managed to eat and keep down so that is good. I am not sure how much of the food thing is tied up with my medical condition coz I have chronic pancreatitus and had accute pancreatitus a few years ago. When i got chronic pancreatitus I was very poorly and my weight dropped to 6 stones and I was like that for several years. It has taken me the last 2 years to get my body to accept food again. I seriously dont feel unwell though so think it's probably tied up with the sleep probs.

Well the Occupational Therapist has just been to see us about Matthew's sensory room. He went bonkers and screamed, 'Don't let that old wrinkley woman sit next to me'.!!!! He trashed the sitting room etc. This was really good coz she could see what we have to cope with on a daily basis. She said the the grants are nearly always given to disabled children in wheelchairs but felt that our case was just as needy. So we find out in 2 weeks if we can have the sensory room - fingers crossed.

How are you this morning then? Very well I hope. I am going to try and have some toast for lunch (plain) as I'm trying to avoid fats coz that's what upsets my pancreas - just in case it is a bid dodgy at the moment.

Speak to you soon Lovely Boudecia!!!

Big Hugs



Glad you got in some sleep x x

I do go like that with stress I stop eating, not deliberate just happens then it gets hard to eat again! the sleep becomes tied in too not really sure what come first >_<

Drink loads of water!! It will revive you more naturally than caffeine!! you will be surprised at the energy it will give you! and won't get the come down from the caffeine.

Poppy it is very important that you sort it out and get well!! your kids and hubby need you well and energised!!

With the carbs, fruit and water have nice bath at the end of the night to wind down, straight to bed from PC isn't good still active mind.

give yourself 1/2 to just sit chill unwind!! before bed!!

Just look after yourself hun 'cos no one else will!!

~Buffy x x


:D :D Hi poppy,

Hope your taking notice of the extingusiher twins, they are like your mum!

They are so right though, you have got to look after yourself honey.

I think it is a good idea about the pictures on the fag packets.

Keeping fingers crossed for Matthews room, that would be so nice for him and might give you a bit of a break.

Keep smiling and making us laugh babe,

Befly x x:D :D


Hey Poppyfairy, i'm backing up Buffy's advice,definately knock off the computer and hour or so before bedtime.

I know its great to be on here, and you don't want to miss out but it does make your mind buzz!!! Many times i've tried to sleep after been on the comp, doesn't work!!!

Do you like to read? Its my perfect wind down on an evening, read a few pages/chapters of a book. Only problem is after doing this for years, i now associate reading with sleeping!!!

I would be reading my study books then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz a few hours would pass :rolleyes:

Then again, i was studying boring accountancy!!!

If not reading, have you got hold of any hypnotherapy/relaxation tapes yet?




Hi guys you're all so brilliantly fab thanks for the advice.

I know I have to look after myself but it's amazing sometimes how you just keep going regardless and not aware of the consequences. I am still finding it hard to eat - managed a slice of plain toast for lunch. I have to take these special pills for the rest of my life that do the job of my pancreas but I don't think they've got much to do at the moment!!!

I am drinking some water - I like the volvic with lime concoction. And Chocco I do read loads actually - I love books like Harry Potter and real escapism stories - poor you having to read accountancy in bed. I have ordered the hypnotherayp stuff from Amazon so shall see how it goes when it arrives.............I hope he doesn't say in the middle 'You are a piggy wiggy and everytime you hear this song from the scissor sisters, don't feel like dancing, you will become a piggy wiggy'. Cos how do you know he doesn't do that if you're out of it!!! He could say anything!!!

You're all fantastic and thank you for caring about me. It's just like the Pink Ladies in Greece .......

Loads of love and hugs



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