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No Smoking Day
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Day 25

Day 25 and another smoke free weekend of partying under my belt.

I've had a massive 3 cravings this weekend, all passed in the blink of an eye, fantastic!!!

I was out on Sunday night, and by the time i went home i just couldn't believe or understand how i ever smoked.

My sister turned up, i haven't seen her since i quit, and OMG she STUNK of fags!!! At first i didn't say anything, but then i had to, it was so bad.

I really can't believe i used to smell that bad!!!

Then after many drinks, of various types, i was walking home with the boyf, and remembering the many, many, many times i've had a cig on the way home from a night out and its just made me want to throw up!!! Why did we do it to ourselves?!?!

Hangovers are soooooo much better when u don't smoke, and i don't get sick after drinking now, even though i'm drinking more!!!!!

Ooooohhh, life is so great without that ball and chain around my neck!!

Hope everyone is strong and smelling fresh!!:D

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Good for you choco I think :rolleyes:

You make being hungover sound almost pleasant :D hehehe

Just watch out for when you start the old hair of the dog thing, daily :D

Usually not a good sign :p



Maybe i should be worried, me n boyf are going through approx 5 bottles of rose per weekend, and a bottle of Martini rosso.

I didn't think this was bad until i mentioned to someone at work and they looked at me like a raging alcoholic!!!

Shouldn't mention to her that i bought a 2 ltr bottle of wine for a fiver last night, and its all gone.

he he ha ha ho ho!! Maybe i'm not getting hangovers cos i don't actually stop drinking!!!:eek:


Ooooh those Tesco bottles?? Theres a red merlot a white and rose wine!! I have drank the merlot one after a glass or 3 the cheapness don't taste too bad :D hehehe

I am cutting out week drinking from my 'new me' date



when does that start the Buff another 30 years :p

:rolleyes: hehehehehehehe rofl *high Five*


Yeah Buffy, Merlot Rose. It weren't too bad! Our meal was really hot with chillis last night, so couldn't taste the cheapness at all!!!

Don't usually drink in the week, but could easily let it slide if i'm not careful. All the extra calories from alcohol are just adding to the extra calories from the extra food i'm shoving in my face. (There was a food fair in Carlisle this weekend, German sausage, Pizza, Chilli con carne, Paella, waffles, crepes, all kinds of sweeties, pastries mmmmmm mmmmm mmmmmmm!!)

Needless to say my a**e is getting fatter by the day, and i'm going to make myself go to the gym tonight (maybe!).

OOoooohhhh, have to tell you, i was out on Friday and seen an old boyfriend from about 2 years ago. Only went out for a few weeks and he's from Libya (i've got a thing for foreign men!!).

So i went over to say HI, chatted for a while and he said ' You used to be fit, now you are fat, what happened?':eek: :eek: :eek:

Couldn't believe it, cheeky b****rd!!!!!


ROFL!!! Cheeky mare!!

Men don't like being dumped :p hahahahaha sad b*****d!!

Hmmm I have been partaking in the usage of wine during the week since it's the summer hols. Not good really !! At least it shows that there's a bigger alchy than you out there, ME!!

Ooooh I have been eating loads this weekend too!!

Pie, mash and liquor

Curried goat rice and peas

jerk chicken

salt fish curry

chips hotdogs

candy floss

I had that rose in my hand but didn't know whether to trust it so bought my usual jacobs creek shiraz rose.

Is that merlot rose sweet or dry??? I don't like sweet wines at all *yuck*

(Though of course if theres no choice ....... :rolleyes: :p )

I measured my arse last night, it is 1 metre!!! :eek:

Will go back to the gym too when the kids are back into school!!


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