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Day Two(58 hours, 25 minutes)

Hey! it's been 58 hours and 25 minutes since my last cigarette!! I am proud of myself. I woke up this morning and I've been having minor craves consecutively. My heart also feels weak for some reason and I feel like my throat is clogged up. Can anyone explain why? I've been drinking at least five bottles a water a day since my quit. Is the nicotine out of my system by now? :confused: I heard drinking more water helps it get out of your system faster, otherwise its 72 hours. (I used to smoke 10-15 a day.)

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2 hours has passed, I feel worse. I'm at work and my boss is giving me attitude, also i stayed 3 and a half hours after work last night to finish paperwork...anyway my boss is coming back to my office...Stress is causing the craving to be worse :mad:


Hi there.

You are doing fantastically well ....

The craves are very hard at the beginning, I always felt like I was in two minds... one telling me to smoke and the other telling me not too. It's the one you listen to that's important.

If you feel like work is stressing you out then if you can, find a quiet corner or space for youself just for a minute and remind yourself why it's worth feeling this way now since very soon, if not already, you will start to feel the benefits of your decision.

Stay strong. Breath. Relax and try to enjoy the ride!!



thank you sylvia.. :)


hi kenney, do try to take regular breaks at work to replace the smokig breaks you used to take - your smoking breaks probably took about 5 mins, so take a short walk round the block instead, it will help to clear your head a little and let you get on with your work a bit faster.

also, have you let your colleagues know that you are quitting? maybe they can help you out just a little workwise until you are over the worst? i found that after a week my 'work concentration' came back a little, and now at 3 weeks i'm ok for most of the time but do need to take that 5min walk every couple of hours just to calm down!

good luck today and tomorrow, you are doing great!



I'm going to annoy you all on here, i post too much already haha!! I've now donw 38 hours you like a day in front of me! It's really hard, but just keep thinking about the good things. I am on champix and i don't want one, it's habbit. Get a pencil and where you used to smoke just hold on to it, alot of it with me is my left hand feels like it's missing a finger.

If you smoke alot, you'd of been like me, always having a frog in your throat, coughing through out the day, all of it has gone. I am actually excited to catch my first none smoking cold haha, i'll have hardly any mucas ( I AM MESSING BY THE WAY)

If you have done this far then what's the point in going back on the fags to mentally torture yourself in a few more months. It's a disgusting vile habbit. Do what some other man on here did, go and put your piggy bank where your ashtray went. I've not even been the bank for two days. Spending 5 quid a day on fags and then i walk about looking like a rat bag, it's ridiculous.

I can put 5 stone on, i couldn't give a poo as long as i feel healthy and them sticks don't get the better of me. Keep going, if i can do it then so can you!!


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