This could be a tough one!!!

Hi All,

What a wonderful morning (well it is now that I've fought my way out of the house and into my office... Sanctuary...).

Any how I have been thinking about this no smoking campaign and I think this is going to be a tough one for me this time. Let me explain.

I have gone cold turkey and I am coming up to 1.5 days with out a single craving. Some of you might think this is a good thing, and it probably is, however I am concerned that I will be less prepared for it when it does happen.

Now I got out of bed this morning and I was reasonably happy, my wife had already been up for about 30 minutes and I just asked her to pop down the local store and get me some tobacco and papers. And the thing is I wasn't actaully gagging for a smoke, I just thought bugger it I'll smoke today ( I know, very, very, very bad attitude and total lack of commitment :( ). Any how, I walked into the bath room and brushed my teeth and decided to have a hair cut before jumping into the shower. Now under normal circumstances I would have started smoking straight after my hair cut (Not much hair comes off any more :eek: )...

Me and the wife on holiday...

To cut a long story short (Did everyone get the pun... :) ) Well after my hair cut I just said to my wife, "don't bother going to the shops for the smokes", and that was that.

Albeit the story above is quite unimportant and uneventful, it shows me that I have got a very cavalier attitude towards giving up smoking. However this attitude seems to be helping to the extent where I am not suffering from cravings. Hence my statement "The could be a tough one!!!", it feels like it will be as easy to go back to the evil weed as it will be to stay off it for the time being (I am sure that will change in the near future).

Well I hope everyone out there on their no smoking campaigns have a nice successful day today.

I am going to have a serious chat with my self and tell my self to buck my ideas up.

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  • GavVikMeg

    Stick with it and don't let it sneek up on you.

  • Lunch Time and Still going strong!

    Hi Everyone,

    Just thought I'd mention that it's now 12:38 pm on Day 2 and I have just finished cutting the lawn and generally keeping my self busy. Although I have been fortunate enough not to have any episodes or cravings as yet.

    If I can get through today and day 3 (Tomorrow) then at least I can tell my self it's all in the mind now...

    Time to cook a BBQ... And then wash the car... Now I realize why I work all the time... ;)

    Hope everyone giving up out there is having a good day also. If you're not then it can only get better... And don't be a wet lettuce like me, be confident and strong, make a decision and stick with it. I am very poor example of a person trying to give up smoking... :( Very poor attitude...

  • Come on Gav youve done it before you can again and somehow you must want to or you wouldnt be trying so why not give it your best shot if you cant do it you have lost nothing but gained a few smoke free days Keep strong Linda xxxx

  • I was thinking, if you don't have cravings but keep changing your mind over getting some smokes perhaps you can use this to your advantage. Everyone is different when they quit. You say you have a cavalier attitude, well have you thought that it might be because smoking has run it's course for you. the fact you stopped on sunday almost as an impulse suggests to me you have come to a point where you can take or leave a cigarette - so, maybe the best approach may be to tell yourself you can have one of you want but you are choosing not to at this point. Everyone is different and reacts to quitting differently:)

  • I think you are all right, nows the time to focus all my energy into giving up.

    It's an absolute bizarre feeling at the moment. Is it possible for a habit like smoking to run its course with someone? Has this happened to anyone on this forum?

    This is the first weekend in 3 years where I haven't had to build something for the bungalow, paint something, etc... Maybe I haven't got anything to blame for smoking any more... :confused:

    Back to work tomorrow, just need to make sure I don't get caught out by the evil weed.

    There is also another good reason for giving up smoking... I don't want to be a Senior Member on this forum and still smoking. :D

    Albeit I probably have a long way to go before becoming a Senior Member...

  • It's rare, but i do know of two people who just stopped because smoking had run it's course, they could take or leave it. Both have been quit for many years, my adopted dad is one and a family friend the other. Adopt a back up plan for when you go back to work, make sure colleagues don't tempt you and don't take enough money to nip to the shop. If you have to get in the car and go to the supermarket chances are you'll have talked yourself out of it like you did this morning. Also consider nicotine gum or lozenges to help supress any cravings....just my 2 cents worth - good luck!

  • Hi Maeagain

    Hows things with you today better I hope Linda xxxx

  • Hi Maeagain

    Hows things with you today better I hope Linda xxxx

    Hello Linda

    I'm fine, last week was a silly blip due to unforseen circumstances and panic .....I let the smoking drag on a few days and shouldn't have.....:o been perfectly fine last 2 days and not even thought about smoking. It doesn't interest me any more in a day to day way....just need to fix a good strategy for the unexpected stressy stuff.

  • Well done Maeagain

    YOU GO GIRL!!!!

    We're all behind you - keep going lovely.

    Big Hugs


  • Thanks....all we can do is keep going, would be mad to just stop at every hurdle, bumps in the road happen sometimes.....anyway I'm off to finish my glass of wine and have a long soak in the bath...bliss:)

  • :eek: What a great revelation Gav!!!

    Good on you x x

    Nice dog ;) hahahahaha

    Hope you have found 'Your' quit x x ~Buffy x x

    Well Done Mae x x

    If you figure a fix for those mad stressy moments let us in on the secret ;)

    x x ~Buffy x x

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