No Smoking Day
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begining to feel like a none smoker

:) day 11 bring it on don,t even want a ciggy.

I know the times will come when I do but i'm

enjoying the moment and feeling goooood.

I have now been a none smoker for:. 0Y 1W 3D 1H 24M 48S. I have not smoked: 402 Cigarettes. That a saving of £ 100.59. I will now live longer by: 2D 8H 11M. Since I Quit on the 16 August 2007 23:30:00. The number of people worldwide that has died from smoking related deaths is:. 137792. Download This Quitmeter free from

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yay, congrats you're fabulous! I believe the moment we quit our brain starts to learn the new lesson we teach it, that we are non smokers. It's a tough lesson and the brain can be stubborn, but we have to take care of ourselves and be very patient. You're doing great, keep smiling :)


YAYYYY to you non smoker! :D I love those days when you feel great. Hope your great days continue. You deserve a treat ~ WOWWWIE day 11!! Great job and keep up your amazing strength.


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