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Hi again

Hi i havn't been on here for a while i tried stopping last week but i only managed 1 day i have been cutting down this week not done to bad but this time i really want to stop i have panic attacks and anxiety for years i seemed to think smoking helped me relax but i want to stop now i have spent the afternoon reading how you are all doing and i feel now is the time for me to stop i quit drinking alcohol last week and now i am starting to feel better nobody in the family smokes and none of my friends smoke now so i have no one to tempt me so i have just 2 cigs left and thats it i am ready i will come on here if the cravings start love marg

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Dear Marg

It's so good you came back. I'm finding it hard too but all these guys here are so supportive - you can do it. To quit the alchol too is brilliant!!! You are obviously a strong person to have achieved that so really well done and good luck!! Distraction is definately the key - so coming on here when you fancy a cig is a way to use your hands whilst thinking of overcoming the nasty nic! Keep in touch.



Welcome back marg x x x

Good for you! you sound very strong and positive.

Anxiety and panic attacks are awful

but nicotine will certainly be helping towards the symptoms not easing them x x

We are all right behind you and encourage you to feel happy and smoke free!

Hold your head high and keep posting ~Buffy x x


Good Luck and keep us all updated.....


i have panic attacks and anxiety for years i seemed to think smoking helped me relax

Hello Marg,

I know the panic attack feelings! I have been having panic attacks for years and I have been taking Paxil to control them for about 7 years now. I quit smoking 6 days ago :D and I just wanted to mention to you that I have noticed the panic attacks have cut down a lot from not smoking! Head up - You can do it! ;)


Hi marg,

It can be tough but stick with it.


You can do it !!

Hey Marg, just a quick note to say that I am THE rubbishest (if there is such a word) stopper of smoking that I know.

I have smoked on and off for about 25 years (including a 2 year stop and a 7 year stop!) but I can safely say that this is the place to do it !!

I've just passed two weeks of total tobacco freedom with the help and support of the guys on this forum (and of course, 'er indoors - Sharkbait!) I can say WITHOUT FEAR OF CONTRADICTION that I will NEVER smoke AGAIN!

Fortunately, my failed experiences have only strengthened my resolve to stay stopped forever (I'd got up to about 30 a day) - and if I can do it (I am weak and unmilitary and would find virtually any excuse once I'd made my mind up to smoke again!) - YOU CAN !!

Good luck - and keep us posted with progress. This place rocks for non-smokers !!! And that's what we all are: NON SMOKERS !!!!

:) :D :)


Hi Marg, I'm echoing Maximus L's message.. this is my first time tasting success as a non-smoker and I know that in part it's due to this community of people.

Stay with us. Keep strong and watch the days pass by, before you know it, you'll be free!;)


Hi marg,

So glad you came back, it is a very hard thing to give up smoking but it is twice as hard to give up drinking at the same time. You are going to have to be incredibly strong if you are going to win.

Have you tried listening to what I call chill out music, really lay back and chill and just try relaxing every muscle in your body one muscle at a time, take calming deep breaths and close your eyes. That is if you get the chance and time to do it!

We are all here to support you so keep posting and stay strong.

Befly x x:D :D


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