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No Smoking Day
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Starting Week 5 Moving on Up!!

Didn't think I'd get here - 4 weeks under my belt and the start of week 5.....for some very strange reason I've been craving all weekend. It may be because Mr Mae is off work for 2 weeks and we're going out for meals and days out etc....just because life is r-e-lax-e-d and s l o w right now :) Bought some new specs today and was able to use what I saved from not smoking to make up the shortfall I can't claim back off HSA - that felt good:)

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Good for you mae and well done, hats off to you for coming so far, you've shown old nic who's in the driving seat now and it aint him!http://xrtwo.speedcentral.co.uk/images/smiles/drive.gif

Maybe your cravings feel as bad and strange as they do because they have eased off so much the past few weeks?

Hope the difficult time has passed for you by now so you can stay strong, well done again!http://xrtwo.speedcentral.co.uk/images/smiles/smileclap.gif



Nice Work Mae and finally good to see your face! I think it was a rough weekend for everyone around. Keep up the good work am proud of ya!


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