No Smoking Day

Starting week 4

Today is day 22 the start of the 4th week of the quit.....not doing at all badly now, very few cravings and feeling so much better. Skin much clearer, eyes brighter, teeth whiter and tongue is pink and not 'fury' anymore. No longer coughing first thing in the morning and when I lie down at night. Allergies are much less bothersome now, hayfever is improving as I have less crap in my sinuses I suppose:D

I don't think about smoking as much but still dream about it. Just weird I guess.;)

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Hi there Maeagain,

You are doing really well on day 22 and cold turkey as well! I am only on day 4 with champix but determined to do it this time. I do suffer with asthma and have noticed already that I dont need my inhaler at night now. Keep up the good work, you are braver than me, I wouldnt last one day going cold turkey!

Befly x x:D :D


Hi Befly

You're doing great too....horses for courses, we find a way that works for us as individuals and just go for's the end result that counts.:)


Hi maeagain

Congrats on reaching week 4.:)

As you mention the benefits are numerous: cleaner teeth, better complexion, fatter wallet/purse etc.

Well done:) to you.


Well done Mae

The positives are def outweighing the cravings now:D


I'm still right behind ya.

The biking is starting to get a little easier already. Cut 10 minutes off the lap time tonight.


Go Jacque - at this rate you'll be doing the Tour de France next year :D


Well done Jacque. Keep it up. :D


good on you maeagain you are doing great :)


Maybe this is the thread for the start of week 4 - sorry, I didn't spot it before. Anyway, I am doing ok. Get very stressy round about tea-time every afternoon - itching - spots, all the usual. I will not cave in. I need to tell you this to remind myself of it.



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