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THE reason for smoking

The real reason for smoking is your emotional state. You like the feeling of a truly “friend” who by your opinion is always in the right mood. First fact is that this is only your opinion, and second fact is that you can easily link pleasure with any similar thing (For example you can make connection in your brain to start feeling cheerful whenever you take a chewing gum).

The point is that you can choose to link pleasure to whatever you want to.

If someone beats you, and succeeds in convincing you that this is an act of love, your brain will link pleasure to this situation and you know what’s next right :). It is the same thing with every behavior we tend to repeat. This is how the habit is created. The good news is that your brain is very powerful machine but you’ll have to learn to control it.

I’ve came to this conclusion before I quit smoking, and this thought start bothering me. I was not satisfied with myself after this conclusion, and from this perspective I believe this was the turning point for me. Suddenly I started to notice every little excuse I gave to myself, and how was I conditioned to smoking. Day after day I became more and more aware of the excuses that were in charge and rule over me. Very soon I start to research and begin to imagine how life would look like without a cigarette. It takes me more than a year to link that non-smoking is very very COOL!

Now I’m a non-smoker, and I enjoy every second of more conscious “me”. I also enjoy that I can choose why, when and how can I feel in every moment.

This inspired me on something else, do you know that there is one big advantage that every smoker have over a non-smoker. Sounds stupid I know, but it’s true. The fact that you are a smoker now can be a big turning point for your entire life, imagine how much momentum you’ll gain for every other aspect in your life, if you succeed in quitting cigarettes. You’ll be more motivated and strong for every job in the future, because you quit this smoking habit, you are in charge now and in the future. You’ll believe in yourself more, and you’ll like yourself more. Isn’t this the essence of a good life?

Imagine my friend, just imagine!

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LMAO Boudee, youve made my day, btw, where do u get all the funny icons from and how do u use them derrrrrr :o


They are hotlinked from another forum (comic guide dot net)!!!!!

tut tut tut Boudee, using up their bandwidth.

I am shocked, and appaulled, equally. :p


forgive me for being a twit ........:confused: i went to that site and its in German. I could not make head nor tail of it (german not really being a good language of mine) so would u mind awfully, giving me step by step idiot instructions.


a totally nit wit .......... twit :(


Hehe, I can't read that forum either.

That said, here is a link to the smileys from another forum...

Go there. Right click on the smiley you want, then you will see written in the window that comes up, a link to the smiley.


select that link, right click and select copy (or hit CTRL C if you are feeling nerdy)

Then back on thif forum you want to write...



All in all that sounds like a right kerfuffelâ„¢, which.... to be completely honest... It is


Hi Mannion

Remember me? quit same time as you. Failed miserably after a few days. Now at day six of this quit. Not posted so far cos ive been a failure, but feel like I could do it now.

Well done to you for keeping it up, hope I can this time.



Yeh yeh, of course I remember you Lizzyrob, yeh! :p

The important thing is that you are trying again. In all honesty, evertime I want a cigarette now, I remember a previous failed quit....

Let me paint the picture...

I had been quit about 2 days or something and I got angry. I held out through all of that, then I was overwhelmed with thoughts of quitting being completely pointless.

About an hour later I decided to just go get some cigarettes. By the time I was at the shop buying them, I was actually excited. I couldn't get the box open quick enough, I was shaking, I couldn't wait to smoke.... It was going to be so sweet.

Then when I did smoke, it was none of those things. Every reason I wanted to quit came flooding back into perspective, but it was too late, I was standing there smoking!

I carried that with me this time, just remembering that sinking feeling, the fowl taste, telling my friends I'd given in, all for a ciagarette that was horrible anyway.

About 3 weeks after that, I totally phsyched myself out to try quitting again. That was just over a month ago.

You can totally do it, we are all here for ya! If it will be any help, even add me to MSN, whatever helps (jamesthemannion@hotmail dot co dot uk)

Much love :D


thanks mannion!!!!

can u save them, or do u have to go on it every time, and where do u save them :confused:


Every you have just written is so true, its like a desperation that is so hard to control and then when you give in its like what did I do that for, it stinks and tastes disgusting.

I loved sneaking out in the garden for a quick cig while no-one was around, it was like my own little friend and me, but my little friend is making me ill so it has to go.

I just keep telling myself im addicted to stinking nicotene, and I can beat him in the end its like playing tug of war wiv yer brain.

thanks for the support mannion email addy will help a lot defo need some support its gonna be tough we can it.



thanks mannion!!!!

can u save them, or do u have to go on it every time, and where do u save them :confused:

They are url's ie 1 page per image, with their own individual address,

You could bookmark them but i wouldn't advise it, use a different tab and copy the address ~ url as you go.

This applies to any image on the internet so have fun with it x x

~Buffy x x


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