No Smoking Day

Past days are just...hard!

Hello all,

Just stumbled across these forums thanks to google! Seems a lovely place to chat and read other peoples daily quitting treadmill :D

I quit 10 days 19 hours ago, first time i ever tried in the 14 years i smoked! and funnily enough...last week was great, full of energy almost buzzing and my lungs felt better every day! only the 1st day was hard, but for the past 2 days, god knows what's went wrong. Been tired all the time i just wanna curl up and sleep, chest is feeling a little tight and i developed a "smokers cough"!! and im feeling a bit down too :(

My main concern is its my birthday tomorrow, and my gf and i both share near same dates so we both celebrating this weekend till monday. So will be a lot of vodka involved and social settings (which ive avoided both basically since i stopped) , which im quite afraid might trigger me to re-poison myself if i become a little drunk(which is quite definate will happen!).

O well, wish me luck ill just have to try do my best! have a nice weekend all ! :D

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Welcome cammey x x

The cough etc is common, just clearing yourself of all that crap, tar etc :p

Hold tight and stay strong have great week end!

To you and your Girl friend x x x x


Happy B'day Cammey and enjoy it to the fullest. I'm having several drinks tonight and so far not wanting a ciggy.............Be cool and remember your the boss of you..............



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