day 7 week one?

Very proud was out drinking at a friends/party last night until 4 AM ?All if not others most puffing away ?went cold turkey 7 day ago ?had some offers and temps but held my ground ?I think I hate this old habit maybe im just kidding myself ? (not)but after 20 years I really think I hate this addiction ?everyday gets better ? also been horney as hell lately ?whats up with that?wake up 2 hours early every morning .

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  • horny as hell :eek: too much info!! lol

    It is probably the circulation reaching the parts it never used too! and i guess your generally feeling good in yourself!. Must get my partner to quit !! :D

    Grats on partying all night and not smoking!! what an achievement, 4am :eek: i can not remember the last time i saw 4am!!

    Well done, Keep it up *giggle* ~Buffy x x

  • Well done, Keep it up *giggle* ~Buffy x x

    Dirty Buffy lol

  • so thats why ye want ye other half to quit buffy and we thought it was for his health roflmao:D

  • It is for his health :rolleyes:

    'cos I'll muller him otherwise :D hehehehe

    He needs to join the gym for a bit of stamina too :D

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