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day 7-new member

hi everyone.

i am from england and on my second attemt at quitting smoking . first time round i went cold turkey, suffered terribly and started smoking again just 3 weeks later. that was last year, this time round i am using nicorette patches (15mg at the moment) for a max of 16 hours per day. i decided to give up on the 1st of july as thats when england went smoke free in public places.

im doing ok at the moment. i would say i miss ciggies more then crave for them, i enjoyed smoking (and yes i know thats just crazy) but its true. but i have a wonderful husband, who is an official non smoker now and two wonderful children, and i know by puffing away on my ciggies not only am i damaging myself but im also damaging the people i love . over the 20 odd years i have smoked i have done anything from a small handful a week to 20plus a day (if out drinking i could get through an unthinkable amount) luckily i didnt get out drinking that often!

i have found ive not been over emotional this time round but i am still quick tempered at the moment, which i so dont want to be, and since day 5 i have had a really irritated throat and airways, feeling the need to cough (like a tickle or congestion) i dont bring anything up but seem to be sneezing a lot although i havent got a voice was almost non existent when i first woke this morning. im eating quite a bit too, and drinking to much coffee (i find this seems to have some kind of weird kick to it now lol) i have managed to be around smokers and resist the temptation, which im so pleased about. i just so hope i can continue being this strong, once i get passed the 3 week mark that i made it to last time ill probably feel more confident of myself.

i would like to wish everyone the very best of luck ! and to all of the quitters on this site -if mr nicotene gets the better of you NEVER GIVE UP QUITTING no matter how many times you have to try. you are not a faliure!!! your only a faliure if you give up quitting. kind regards x

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Hello destiny x x x

Welcome to the site :D

What a lovely post! thank you x x

People who don't manage to stay quit or have blips' should take inspiration from your post!

I am glad you are trying again and wish you every success, hopefully with the network of support you get from both your friends and family and online here, will help you along :)

I am interested to know how long your hubby has quit in order to become an 'official non smoker'?!

Stick with your patches course to the 't' !! :D and stay strong

~Buffy x x x


seem to be sneezing a lot although i havent got a cold.

Hi Destiny,

I'm what you might call a serial quitter and one of the symptoms I've suffered before is what's called smokers rynitis. Symptoms are very similar to hayfever, bunged up nose, itchy roof of mouth, watery eyes. Sometimes it just lasts a day or two but I've known times when it can last for long time. If that does happen, beconase nasal spray really helps but you have to use it for a few days before it starts to work.

Good luck



Hi Destiny

Welcome lovely post, First week over so your doing great you will get great support on her its been a God sent for myself they are all great people. Patches are very good but as Buffy said follow the full coures I Would of done 4 full months next saterday and I used patches. So very good luck on you quit Keep posting and let us know how things are doing Linda xxx


Welcome to the group Destiny,

you will find so much support and encouragement here. The people are wonderful and very friendly. You are doing good. Drink lots and lots of water and back off on the coffee. That will help flush you out. Stay strong.


sees Dickyboy over in the corner and waves "Hello"


Hi Destiny welcome to forum, and a fresh start! You will always find the support you need on this site as everyone wants to help and support one another during what can be a difficult and sometimes scarey time:eek:

Good Luck you are doing really great.:D


hi there everyone

thank you so much for all the replies and great support you are all giving. im so glad i found this site!

this is to buffy who asked about my husband and why i consider him to be a official non smoker now.

i would like to say thank you for your reply, your support is very much appreciated. well about my hubbie, he started smoking at around age 11 (bit of encouragment to do so by his 14 yr old brother at the time unfortunatly) by his tweenties he was well into the stage of 20 or more a day. well for about the last 5/6 years he has been trying to quit. he has quit on and off for anything from a few weeks, couple of months to 2 years . (always gone cold turkey) when his gone back to smoking he has only ever really smoked for about 2/3 weeks max before quiting again, although he did always go straight back to 15/20 a day. but i think due to the starting and stopping going on for so long, he ended up finding it so easy to quit the last couple of times he did it before stopping for good 10 months ago. (he could kind of take it or leave it , and it was at times like holidays, partys, christmas etc.. that he would light up again, and would sometimes smoke for just one weekend or one night) but this time there is a difference, im not sure how to describe it to you but he can feel it, and i can see it in him. his been through 3 holidays, numerous parties, christmas time and some very close and sad loss of family members and has not even thought about lighting up a ciggerate. his attitude is completly different towards it now also. he admits that he still misses it sometimes and if there was no harm in it he would have one tomorrow, because its like a close friend thats there for years then suddenly gone, but says its a friend that he no longer hates to love but rather a friend that he now loves to hate. hope this makes sense to you. you can probably understand fully what i mean now by never give up quitting. some people (like my sister) can smoke 30/40 ciggs for years (and my nan "god bless her" smoked 80 a day from teenage to age 60) and wake up one morning and decide to be a non smoker, and thats it (that easy) and some (like my husband) can take years continuosly giving up. but what matters is that they did it, they all kicked the habit. theres no right or wrong, everyones different, and everyone will do it, as long as they dont give up doing it! my nan got another 20 years of life after she give up, i dont think she would of got that if shed carried on, so its never too late either. what i think i could of done better was not have left it for a year before trying again last time, but even so im proud that im doing it now. sorry this is a bit long .i hope your doing well, kind regards destiny.


Do not apologise for the length of the post! i can't see how you could of got all that across without doing so and if you had shortened it, it wouldn't of said all that it needed to!! :D

You answered my question perfectly in that it makes a whole load of sense to me now, it is about how long it's about mental attitude and about where you are!

Thank you for that excellent reply, i believe i am at the same place too i quit a lot too :rolleyes: it does feel different this time so i hope i am all done with it!

You are very fortunate to have a husband who can relate and support you through your quit x x

And us of course :D hehehe well here you are one week down!! well done you must be pleased x x x x reward yourself and jog on through week 2 x x ~Buffy x x


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