No Smoking Day

21 days* Last day of week 3

21 days

I am enormously hungover.

Good reason/ excuse to drink copious amounts of coffee and get a nice kick from that instead of smoking. Replacing one addiction with another :P

Oh well it could be worse, i read at the doctors that 3-5 cups of coffee a day is good for you, nifty little leaflet.. its a great excuse to pull when bf says im having too much.

Some days im desperate enough to consider smoking them smelly good water pipes. I mean im only guessing here but im sure u dont kill ureself with them. Im thinking im more addicted to the sensation of inhaling then the actual nicotine+poison.

Anyways hungover.

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"Good water pipes"?? Do you mean the hubbly bubbly pipes? If so they do have tobacco in them mixed with other things for flavouring and are addictive.

A girl friend of mine recently stopped smoking but after a few days started using her hubbly pipe on the basis that it was okay cos it wasn't smoking cigarettes. I tried to explain to her that what it demonstrated was she had not made the commitment in her mind to NOT WANT to smoke, and that it was academic whether it was fags, the hubbly pipe or a rolled up bit of newspaper she was smoking, she was clinging on to smoking. She didn't want to hear it of course so it didn't go down well, but within a couple of days she was back on the fags.

Unfortunately for all of us, like the alcoholic who can never have another drink we have to subscribe to NEVER smoking again in any form. Sounds awful in the early days of quitting - that never word - but once we have stopped for a while it's not a daunting thought at all, it's the obvious choice. One benefit for those of us who succeed for a while this time is that it will probably be easier now than ever before to stay quit since the ban.


HI Babe

your doing really well 7 more days and you done first month hehe

Bet you have more money now give your self big treat you have earned it Linda xxx


Hung over is good, smoking is rough when hungover so binge caffine it is :D

Hang tight, Your not more addicted to inhaling i assure you! your mind is playing tricks with you x x x x

Keep busy and find another way to get through craves x x x writing a journal or reading a book walking anything like that.

You're doing so well keep it up Jo x x

Oooh yes hubbly bubbly things! are they included in the ban? only theres many moroccon cafes around here with them on tables they're always very busy, i haven't been past to see yet?! wow that will slash their business!

~Buffy x x


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