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Crazy dreams

Being on these 24hr patches gives you crazy dreams! either that or I'm just remembering them more. Also found I'm having trouble getting off to sleep :( . Fine when I am asleep but if I wake up it takes ages to get back off to sleep again. Had the same when I last quit. Maybe I should change over to 16hr patch instead. I'm sure there are others who suffer the same on 24hr patches. Apart from actually swapping over to 16hr patch, is there anything I can do about it? :)

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HI Barney Done the full 12 course on patches found them a great help. Something you could try is just take them off to go to bed then put new one on first thing in morning. To be fair i didnt do this untill I was a few weeks into my quit good luck Linda xxx ps but they are really mad dreams hehe


Hi Barney

I've just posted in another thread about dreams!! and I'm on Champix.....but I have also read that dreams are vivid when you go cold turkey too!!

I guess the main thing is to focus on is the fact that it's a relatively short term side effect compared to the longer term benefit of being a non smoker in the long run.


Yup Linda's bang on,

In a previous patch quit, I swapped to 16hr because of the dreams i had cessation nurse and prescriptions were free for me, if you still have 24hr patches and they're not free!! then taking them off before bed is just as good!!

Those dreams were horrendous for me too! i would really, really sweat too! :eek: too much info soz but it was awful!! waking up periodically scared to s**t in a pool of sweat! no fun :( I spent more time awake than asleep!!

Getting to sleep may still be hard, that is a quit thing regardless of method, the dreams should subside though, worked for me!

~Buffy x


Hi Folks,

Have to agree that the sleep problem thing is not just patch related but a quitting thing generally.

I'm going cold turkey and am taking 5HTP supplement to help with my disturbed sleep. Seems to work in helping me get to sleep but it has short half life so I tend to wake up about 2am and from then on I'm constantly waking and sleeping and what sleep I do get is like a thin veil of disturbed sleep rather than deep and restful. Despite this however I'm not actually particularly tired during the day and I have to say that I'm wide awake when I get out of bed each morning as opposed to my pre-quit condition of taking a good hour or more, three fags and two cups of coffee before I start to come round.



I take my 24hr patch off at bedtime. I put one on as soon as i wake up.

I have had no trouble sleeping. I can fall asleep anywhere, anytime.:)

If i`m watching tele in the afternoon, i doze of. Can also doze of early evening and still get a normals night sleep. I must be very lazy.:eek:

Barb x



I have had horrendous sleep problems - you may have seen my earlier posts where ninja squirrels were involved... I too took off the patches at night and although my dreams aren't crazy anymore I'm still not sleeping well and wake every night unable to drop back off...This will all pass and the benefits far outweigh a few yawns!! - We can and will, get through this...



Me be something wrong with me. I tried patches the first time...quit them because they itched too bad and made the area all dreams. Now I did the champix...still no dreams....???? where are my dreams...think i have been cheated!!! hahahahaha



Hi Cindy Good to see you - Just be pleased you have no wierd dreams!! I always used to sleep like a log ...but alas no more ...maybe it's all this extra oxygen I'm supposed to have - i still think it's getting lost somewhere between my nose and my lungs cos I'm not feeling any benefit yet!!!!

Hopefully I will sleep well tonight after some birthday beer!!!



hehehe may have to try some mushroom soup Cindy :p

I have always struggled to put my day to bed, so sleep erratically all the time. Quitting makes it ten times worse at first.

Now with gym and little alcohol i have been sleeping the best i have in years!! except when my thyroid function is up the spout then i drop off everywhere >_<

enjoy the birthday booze Loops :p

ttfn Cindy x x

~Buffy x


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