No Smoking Day

Day 10

Hi all,

Just stumbled on this forum, thought I would make a post.

I am on NRT and onto day 10.

I have tried quitting many times before, but this time its for good.

However, I am feeling really down the last few days. Is this normal? Kind of depressed.

I am still avoiding the pub on the weekend, I dont think I can face it just yet.

I know I would cave in at some point if I went to the pub.

I dont even think I am feeling the benefits I have felt previously when quitting. I feel cleaner and fresher. Previously I remember feeling much more relaxed after a few days. This time though, I am really up tight, and feel really down.

Any advice or experiences?


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hello notherner x x

Welcome to the site x x x and grats o n your first 10 days!!

The low feeling is very common you are grieving for your loss.

If you do a search for 'depressed' , 'feeling low' you will find that many have felt this way x x x x

It doesn't last for long you just need to ride it out, rewarding your self and indulging in other things may help x x

Stick with it and keep up your strength ~Buffy x

Keep us posted x x x sometimes coming here to rant and moan helps too x


jesus mate hope you feel better, i am on day 2 on the patches and doing well apart from snapping at people hope i dont have the sides that you or having....

Hang in there;)


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