No Smoking Day

reached day 9

Well nearly ( 20 mins to go ).

Hi all

Hope everyone is ok.

Had a great evening out last night. Daughter and boyfriend took me and hubby out for a meal. Sat near smoking area and didn`t once crave. Man that felt good.

Felt quite good 2day . Had to do Sunday roast for 9 of us. Lovely leg of lamb.

I did feel like a ciggie after lunch , but i soon got over it.

I have had a few more cravings since but they are not as powerful ,either that or my willpower is getting stronger. I do still miss it though.

Only got 10 mins now to start of day 9. Wow i type slow.

Barb xx

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I`m all alone on here.Going bed now to watch Eastenders. Night.


Well done Barb

Thats really great day 0 already the time gose so fast realy pleased you had lovely weekend. We also went out for fathers day lunch only my partner youngest son and girlfriend and myself nice change. had a bad weekend with the fags dont know way sometimes I dont feel like I am having a very good quit never mind better this morning. Speak later Linda xx


Well done barb :D 9 days! my that has gone fast!

We went swimming for fathers day hehehe then i cooked a roast 'cos we couldn't afford to eat out too this week end :(

Heya Linda x x x It is perfectly normal to struggle from time to time, guess it's like moods.

As time goes on the harder periods ease up x x x x

Take care ~ Buffy


Hi Linda and Buffy

I know what you mean Linda. Sometimes i think why am i doing this?what am i doing this for? but we seem to get through them. I just hope that one day my brain will stop thinking about them:D .

Buffy-Can`t wait to go swimming at butlins. I love the pool , not the slides though.

Have a nice day all

Barb xx


hehe I had to do the slides with the kids scary stuff :p i couldn't breath! only did them once though.

Ah bring on the summer hols :rolleyes: its a miserable wet day here today makes me think of holidays even more!



Barb i have read all your posts on here you or doing awsome and i hold my hat off to u hang in there babe and keep up the good work....:p


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