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No Smoking Day
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4 months on

Just saying hi to all those who have helped me out these last 4 months and wondering how you are all doing. Been to France on holiday for a week- everybody smoked or seemed to smoke and it was not easy, especially after a few vins rouges! But still here, chewing my gum and swelling the profits of nicorette. Would rather do that than give it to John Player- they have had 1000s of pounds off me in my life. Its not easy and dont think at this time I will ever be able to go cold turkey- especially after breakfast, but as long as its not a cig am not bothered. I still like to smell them sometimes though. I'll get there- I cannot go back to the life of brown teeth, brown tongue, smelly clothes and being skint, spending all my money on fags. But the drug is still there calling me. Help!!!!

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I suppose i must be one of the lucky ones.

I smoked about 30 a day.

went on the patches for 5 weeks then decided i was not prepared to put any more nicotine in my body.

then went cold turkey.

the first 5 days was a nightmare.

close to 3 months smoke free :) now

i really think it is a mental thing brainwashing.

have you not tried normal chewing gum ?


Hi Ron

you are a true star 4 months is really great. as Andy said try normal gum in between See how that gose. But dont worry to much you have had a hard time of it I know so Well done and keep up the good work Linda


Hello Ron,

:D nice to hear from you x I love France my aunt has a place near Avignon all those vineyards a wine drinkers heaven! where else could you get quality wines for less than the price of water?!

Oh and the colours so beautiful, i got to see around Marquis de Sades' chateu before lacoste bought it too which was eerie!

Well done fro hanging on in there x x i know you still find it hard but it is obviously getting easier and you sound a lot more chipper x x think you've really cracked it.

Well Done Ron x x


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