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No Smoking Day
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Ants In My Pants!!!!

Oh my god, the past two days at work i've felt soooooo fidegty!!! And always around this time of day. I'm not having any cravings, just got major ants in my pants!!!

I'm thinking about going out to the shop but i'll just buy sweets or something and i don't really want any.

already made a cuppa, been to the loo etc etc etc

Itchy itchy itchy!!!!!:mad: :mad:

Still not smoking though, Day 9, he he he, ho ho ho, ha ha ha :) :)

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I know what you mean I was like that last night, worst time between tea time and bed. get sick of gum, boiled sweets, cups of tea, everything I do doesnt seem to get my mind off smoking well it hasnt the last few days. Today i have been so tired because of not sleeping very well so i took myself off for an afternoon nap, cant crave while sleeping. Keep going Im sure the result is worth it but some days i wish I could just not THINK of smoking at all.


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