Any other new starters? Any guests want to join?

Hello members and guests

Anyone else in there first week? I'm on Day 5 and there doesn't appear to be anyone else thats just started. Theres lots in there 2nd week and further and its great to follow there lead and see that they've had the same feelings that i'm having now BUT i want some new buddies!!

All you guests viewing the forum, join in, let us know how you are doing and promise we'll all support you. Even if you're just thinking about giving up!!!

:) :) :) :)

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  • I'm new and on Day 7

    Hi Everyone

    I've just joined, I'm on Day 7 and I've got the most horrible sore throat, have awful indegestion and I can't sleep properly but I'm not craving a ciggie yet as i feel too ill to smoke :(

  • Welcome

    Hi Loobie, big WELCOME from me :) :) :)

    You're on Day 8 now, well done, are you still feeling ill?

    What methods u using NRT, cold turkey??

  • helloooooooo

    I am a new starter as well. I am week1 of smoke free.I hope I can take this journey with you all. Labrador

  • Hi Loobie, big WELCOME from me :) :) :)

    You're on Day 8 now, well done, are you still feeling ill?

    What methods u using NRT, cold turkey??

    I'm using patches and tomorrow I am going to a no smoking group for a bit of support but had no major craving's and I have smoked since I was 14 and have smoked for 30 yrs, every other time I have tried to give up I have never got past day 3 so I'm pleased with myself right now

  • I'm new too! Day 3

    and i'm doing it cold turkey.

    I tried a few times last year to quit and managed three weeks without smoking but as soon as I had a few glasses of wine...straight back to smoking! It's too depressing. I'm just going to have to avoid alcohol for as long as possible this time before risking a relapse.

    Loving this forum though. I had a couple of urges earlier to smoke but read a few posts and the temptation left me so thanks people!

  • Day 5 and coping

    Hi I am also on day 5 I am using patches so the cravings arn't to bad yet. I do sometimes think to my self,I'll go for a smoke now but then I think oh yeah I don't smoke any more so that is weired. Is that a bad sign? :confused:

    I feel like I can do it this time so I am feeling positive at the moment, I have bought myself a CD today with the money that I have saved so that is keeping me going.

    I think I will need all your support over the comming weeks and I know I will get it as you are all so great.

    Thanks so far

  • Hello Labrador, Londongal and Gemma (hello again Loobie).

    You're all doing so well. I'm on Day 8 now and started this forum on Day1 and couldn't have managed without it, you're doing well to get this far and now you have even more support to keep you going!!;)

    Gemma, its ok to think about it, thoughts won't kill you or make you smelly. My first 2 days, thats all i did!! Then the last 2 days i've had a proper wobbler, but am SOOOOOO glad i didn't give in to the nicotene monster.

    Visit and use this forum to get all those thoughts out of your head.:) :)

  • hi guys

    new today. thought i would try and give up yet again, gone on to this new drug champix, on day 7 and still smoking as i type, my quit date is 22nd april so fingers crossed after a night out on saturday 21st i will be to hung other to smoke the morning after anyway. just thought i would share my time with you as i begain the long hard slog to quit for good, regards. wolfy.

  • thanks

    Thanks Boudee for your reply. I am finding it tough going,especially when I get stressed, I have always relied in cigaretts to calm me down. However I have just finished decorating, and that was very stressfull but I have survived. I was tempted a few times but went into the garden and took it out on the weeds. thanks again. I will keep in touch. labrador:)

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