No Smoking Day

almost 3 months

Been off fags now since 9th Feb, but somehow the cravings are coming back and getting dizzy spells and panic attacks- so much so am developing a phobia of motorway driving- could it be too much nicotene- am still on full strength patches and have a piece of gum when it gets bad. Just will do anything to keep me off the fags. But should I now be trying a bit of cold turkey?

Any thoughts?

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Hi Ron Well done you must feel great 3 months. I am no expert but I would just drop down a strenth you may come down with a bag if you stop all together. Let us know how you go. I was in a state on the motorway sometimes when I was smoking HEHE Linda


Over the weekend have come off patches and now just rely on the gum- found one I like- fruit flavoured, not feeling as dizzy but craving more- been enjoying sniffing other peoples smoke. Could not go back to it but-----!!!

I am being strong- gone through too much to go back now.

Cheers for ur support


Great to hear that ron!

It maybe true that for some the cravings never go away entirely, just massively reduced. You've taken another big step by coming off the patches so congratulations. Brilliant to hear you're doing so well after all this time.:)


was doing so well, but then had 2 this morning. Did not enjoy them and they made me feel like Sh**, but will regard it as a blip. Need u guys to help me to stay strong. Cannot go back now.


ooops! I spoke too soon!

Some are finding it tough when they quit or come down a dose on the patches, this might have been the problem? If you are still feeling the urge after the blip, maybe an idea to go on the patches again, though it will be far better if you can make it on the gum alone.

Hang in there and keep at it!


Hi Ron

Dont be to hard on your self Ron maybe Put a low strenth patch on and see how things go you have done so well cant give in now Linda


Cold Turkey

No No No

Am myself on Losenges

Paniced today none in handbag ... Forgot as didnt have any yesterday.

Go down a strength on patches

losenges haver found great However cannot see a time when they wont be there in the cupboard .

sometimes 4 sometimes one sometimes none. Will always be there as a safety valve.

Cut down mind over matter youve come so far and saved so much money Well done Keep at it cx


Just lost it today- very very sorry. Bought 10 and have smoked 8- feel awful about myself- going to def go back to day 1 again tomorrow- why did I do it?

Just feel nauseous and ill, I was doing so well and now feel so so bad about myself. Its going to take a few days to get the carbon monoxide out of my system again- but the demon nicotene is lurking all the time and wants me back even though I hate him!

Help me- the cravings had almost gone- but noiw they will be back- am so down about this and whats worse- I stink again.


Awwww Ron, you were doing so well.:(

Never mind, think postive!!! At least you had a few months of not poisoning your body.

Its so hard to keep away from them , i think its a life long battle.

What is helping me is getting into my head that it is NEVER just one, its a cycle that will go on and on until you stop it.

We're all here for you come rain or shine. And don't worry about starting again, if at first you don't succeed and all that.

Don't beat yourself up about it, be positive!!!:) :)


ron- we know you've had a tough time of it, you've really come a long way though.

Maybe you came off the patches too early after all? Boudee has a good method of cutting up the patches to control how much she uses, maybe you could try something similar when you need to cut down?

Each time you drop your dose, you will feel those urges kick in and you'll need to be strong.

This time take it slowly. If those urges kick in so bad you feel like a fag, reach for a patch instead.

Keep us posted and this time you'll do it!


feel ill with the fags today- really not for me after all this time-am determined to go back to no cigs tomorrow- I can do it- but my job is so stressful. Have learned today fags dont help- they make it worse.

Have faith and sorry for letting u all down- but one swallow doth not a summer make, one bun does not spoil a diet, and 10 cigs in 3 months all in one day, does not make me a failure.

Be there for me guys as I will for you- that fishing hook is a powerful force but it aint got to get me or us- has it?


Big hugs and kisses to you Ron xxxxx

You were struggling before, thats why you bought 10 cigs right?

Ok so you tried that and it solved sweet FA right?

Drop the cigs again, it'll be no where near the original struggle, quit wise x x

Look at your stress issues, find a way to really deal with them, not a cheap cop out that makes you feel worse, damn that nico fool! it may may not be the only one tugging on your strings x x x

Look at all your stresses, it's one big messy picture which stresses you more?

Try and break it down to small bites.

Take one small thing that you need to deal with,

Look at one small step towards dealing with that issue.

Write all the issues and steps down and prioritise them.

Take one tiny step at a time, make a call, see someone who may help YOU, take time out for YOU, tell someone NO or make a choice, whatever it is you need to make that one step. Then tick it of your list and reward yourself.

Your number one ron x x

Hope you take a breath and help yourself, no one in your life is more worthy x

P.S we're proud of you hun! don't go saying that 'i let you down stuff! xx'


Possibly try a different method

Hi Ron

I feel for you I really do. Three months into your quit as well. I can certainly understand your disappointment.

Maybe you should consider another method of quitting. After three months of stopping to have such strong craving doesn't sound good to me. I'm not going to force my views down your throat (I've noticed other people in different threads try that and soon get a telling off!) however, I highly recommend hypnotherapy which is basically cold turkey but with an extra helping hand and dose of willpower.

You don't have to shed out a fortune to see someone private. Paul McKenna does a CD which was on offer and I paid £3.99 for it (also comes with a really good book). I'm not that long into my quit (5 days) but I only had cravings for the first 48 hours and I've had just the odd pang since.

If you do chose to comtemplate cold turkey/hypnotherapy that I can definitely help with lots of tips how to reduce the cravings and make the first 72 hours a lot easier to manage.




Pleased to say that am back on the wagon and no cigs today, doing the patch and top up gum early morning when am at my worst- then removing the patch and doing the gum for rest of the day.

Went for a run at lunch with my mate and felt good- the 10 from y'day did not have too much of an effect.

Am not bothered what I do as long as I dont smoke again- ever- but will do one day at a time. Sooner or later it will be cold turkey- but that is not round the immediate corner. Smoking for 1 day afet 3 months really did prove to me how bloody awful the things are. Hypnotherapy- tried it yrs ago- walked out of the hypnotist and lit a fag!! but will rule nothing out.

Take care all old and new friends- dead chuffed there are so many real genuine non-judgemental folk out there


Just wanted to say am back on wagon and have been for a week- hang on in there- anyone who has a blip like I did, just treat it as a blip but be positive and strong. My blip taught me that fags arent the be all and end all like they used to be, I may have another, but who cares- am not going to beat myself up, ran 2 miles today without stopping, 3 months ago could not have run for 2 minutes. Say waht u like and be what u like, I am just as weak if not weaker than most guys but think have made it- if now and again I have an accident- its not good but not the end of the world. Hey I saved £300, and my tongue is pink!!!!!!!

Be strong dudes

We're all in this together


Well Done Ron x x

So glad to hear from you x x x x

And it to be such a positive post is really good news!!

Well Done Ron, you keep on, your determination is a real inspiration to others.

Dead proud of you mate

~ x X x X x ~


Way to go ron!

I don't think anyone else on this forum has struggled as much as you ron.

What it shows is that even after 3 months and a couple of blips you still have the guts to say "so what? I'm still not going back on the cigs!"

In all fairness ron, I think perhaps you are stronger than most guys, it really takes guts to admit you have been struggling, as well as had a blip, and come back fighting like you are!

You should be proud considering all you've been through. I hope others that are struggling can read this thread and see how determined you are, a real inspiration for others to follow!

Keep fighting and keep us posted, you WILL win in the end!


Hi Ron

Sooooooooo Glad your back on track. I dont think your weak at all. I could not be as strong as you if I had just one I would prob just call it a day and go back on the fags. (and i have been close) Well done to you Love Linda


Cheers for all your messages of support- it really does help to keep us all motivated if we are there for each other. Looking fwd to a smoke free weekend. Even made it into the local paper today for my efforts to stop smoking-a mention if it to a guy I know who is the photographer on the local paper developed into a story and a photo shoot- so cannot give in now, suppose packijg in after 40 yrs of 20+ a day is a but newsworthy!!!

Fame at last- at least better than being in the Sunday Sport!

Thanks all- ur all stars



aw chuffed as pie! what a gesture!!! bet you was all like 'oh no shurrup' hehe but you are an inspiration! take pride in yourself you star!!

Hey you could scan the article upload it to photobucket and let us have a butchers! lol

thats if you are not in 'The Sun' before then ;)

Look at how far you have come! We are so proud of your personal fight, thank you for sharing, it will be so inspirational, to so many people x x

~ x X x X x ~


Well done Ron We all know A real star. Bet you was really proud see you must keep going now. Upwards on onwards Nice one RON


Cheers for all ur support- it is very much appreciated and quite touching that there are still people who care out there. Thanks. Its not easy though, especially after breakfast and the first hour of the day at work when I used to hype up on nicotine. But each day seems to get easier on balance. Just hope hope hope that I just dont fancy one so much I will have another blip. Its not worth it. Reminds me of that beautiful French song- only not talking about love, but fags! Plaisir d'amour ne dure qu'un moment, chagrin d'amour dure toute la vie.

Thanks for being there. I feel so well its becoming boring!!! Still like my Stella though- aint gonna pack in on that too- or become a monk!!!



Good on you stella can still perform her wonders without mr nicotine ;) I still need my vino magic lol need something to feel pleasured by!!

We'll meet again in 15yrs time on the 'quit alcohol site!' hehe

If you thread together all your posts, release it as a 'My Quit' story you will make a fortune! kick that alan carr to the gutter! your achievements are second to none ~ x X x X x ~


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