No Smoking Day

Want to join in and test those lungs? And Feel good??

I have been smoke free for 3 months. :D The actually quitting was really hard, as expected. I was determined to just get through each hour and then each day, while thinking about smoking or cigarettes as little as possible. The information on the "quitting smoking sites" was really good and helpful on how to prepare for quitting, how to use the NRT and such like.

What they did not prepare me for was the mental and emotional challenges and changes that were to occur as a result of quitting. I had no idea stopping smoking would lead to such a drastic change in my personality!!

I have become far more confident, self aware, enthusiastic about life, active, observant, ambitious, positive, energetic to mention a few changes I have become aware of. It feels like I have just woken from a very long and deep sleep of about 15 years. Mind you the waking process was not easy and certainly not all smiles!! :(

In some ways I am getting to know a completely new me and this is a rather challenging process. Not to mention how challenging it is for my friends and family who knew me as a smoker.:o

To roughly paraphrase Goethe: when you move providence moves. Quitting smoking was the beginning, I think, of a number of positive changes that I am making to my life. I have quit my job to move on to bigger and better and more positive challenges.

Firstly. I did not get into any fitness activities when I first decided to quit and have not yet fully experienced the benefit of quitting to my fitness levels. I also think that it will also be motivational to "stay quit" if one gets involved in a physically challenging activity.

Thus, I, like many others would like to do that now. I would like to walk the beautiful "South Downs Way" from Eastbourne to Winchester (+- 100 miles / 7 to 8 days). :cool:

I am sure you will agree: Quitting Smoking, though very rewarding and worth while, is a rather hard and lonesome activity. Only you can do it for yourself. However, we can share our experiences and there are some postive proactive things we can do together - like reap the rewards of quitting. So lets make it more fun together!!! For those of you that are interested in joining me on this little venture in mid May 2007. Please email me on for more details.

Since places are unfortunately limited , please include a few paragraphs about yourself, who you are, what you like, how your quitting journey is going so far and what you have learnt from this experience or something else interesting of your choice.

I really look forward to hearing from you!!

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curt or cute B?

Apologies to Boudee... sorry we can not all be as succint / terse or witty as yourself!

can't quite work out whether this is ..

just plane rude to a newbee ??



Was going to reply. However after reading other reply. As title.

What a shame if you were not genuine.


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