No Smoking Day
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Yippee Day3

Made it. I'm so very very proud of myself, its taking me over a year to build up the courage to try stopping again, and here i am at day 3 and its easy peasy. (REALLY HOPE I'M NOT TEMPTING FATE BY SAYING THAT!!!)

Haven't felt bad today AT ALL, the past few days i've felt groggy and fuzzy etc but today have been fine. Although, went for a session for a family photo tonight and we all had to jump around and be energetic, it totally wiped me out!!!! Think i'll head to the gym this weekend and give my body a proper kickstart.

I've been listening to a hypnotherapy CD on and off for months now, mainly because its SOOOOO relaxing and lovely to send you off to sleep, but i really think its helping now, all those subliminal messages of YOU DON'T SMOKE YOU ARE STRONG.

Anyone used hypnotherapy?? (THink i'll post this on theTIPS thread).

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