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A smokers poem

Hey everyone. I came across this poem I wrote some years ago, no doubt inspired by an earlier quit attempt. Wish I'd been successful back then but nevermind. I feel experience has armed me better for this time around and I'm feeling positive.

Anyway, hope this makes you smile ;)

Weed Demon

I’ve had my fill of feeling ill,

Of smoking until my eyes close at night,

And from when the day’s first fag lights.

Sick of the cough, the hack, the croak,

Toking the butt of this cruel joke.

At my worst there’s the heinous health crimes.

Awoken in ashtrays dozens of times.

Splashed fags to underage lads,

Fed the demon with cash stolen from Dad.

Taken to eyeing half-smoked butts,

With something like – God help me – lust?…

It’s a sorry business smoking at my level,

It’s a ****ing achievement, so where’s my medal?!

To walk into my bedroom, the inner sanctum,

Is to smell a whiff that is none-too handsome.

It’s infused with odours exotic and rare,

Like ‘Eau d’ashtray’ and ‘foetid footwear’.

My clothes reek of a dingy musk,

The stench fills me with neurotic disgust.

Its getting so bad I can hardly breathe,

I need a fag like you wouldn’t believe!

(Why can’t I get rid of this constant unease?)

…My boat it floats on a sea of smoke,

Too far gone to remember hope,

Will I ever find my way back?

What will it take; a heart attack?

A creeping cancer, a sudden stroke,

A respiratory system all cracked and broke,

A shrivelled member, fruitless seed -

(It can happen lads, don’t you read?)

That’s it! No more. The time has come.

Goodbye Tobacco. We are done.

Bitter Master, whose company I never asked for.

Take back your lies, your rule is over!

Yet I cower beneath the habits shadow.

Wherever I go, the demon follows;

Pinching and prodding, poking and goading,

Tempted and bending, my will is broken.

“Alright you win"! Never was good in a fight,

“Excuse us mate…

…have you got a light?”


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Yeah yeah, I know. Not a positive ending but it was only supposed to be a snapshot of my addiction years ago. That was before forums like this one changed the rules of battle, so it's different now! ;)


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