I've made it to month 2

Hi folks, now on day 29 meaning I am at the start of week 5 and month 2. It feel's really good to say I'm into my 2nd month considering I didn't expect to make it to my 2nd week. I haven't written on the forum since I was on day 18 and then I was telling you I had a night out the next night. Well I have now had 3 nights out and must say that not smoking never bothered me at all. The smoking ban in Scotland is a big help. I feel sorry now for the smokers standing out in the wind and rain but glad I am no longer one of them.


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  • Hi Derlyn Glad to hear from you missed you because I know I am just behind you on day 27. Havent been to a pup yet but went to my nephews birthday last thursday and was fine. Realy pleased your doing well Linda

  • Now on day 45

    Hi Folks,

    It's over 2 weeks now since I've posted on the forum. I've been reading everyone's posts though and glad to see most people are still doing really well. I'm now in week 7 (day 45) and feeling great. I feel I have alot more spare time now, I didn't realise how much time I used to spend before just sitting around smoking. The money saved from not smoking is coming in handy too as I am having weekly spending sprees and revamping my wardrobe. Keep up the good work everyone.


  • HI Darlyn

    Nice to hear from you I started week seven today its mad init didnt really think I would get this far but sooooooooo glad I am Well done any way Love Linda

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