No Smoking Day


Hello everybody,

Day 37 is here

aside from some anxiety I am still not smoking. So to anyone working up in the days. I have not used anything except the patch, I am doing fine. The anxiety is from a list of things. I have a friend who has been using medication to quit. He claims that after 40 or more days he has no problems with anxiety. He quit only with the meds. His doctor told him that the meds can be used to deal with the anxiety at any time during the quit process. Even if it has been years, you can always go on a program to help and keep you smoke free. I have been dealing with anxiety my self. Everyone is different and has different lives. But to anyone on any day or amount of quit time can rely on this. According to his doctor, so to anyone panicing DON'T SMOKE call your doctor and ask for help. There is also natural anxiety relief and organic formulas to anyone not into the mainstream Medical system.

Good luck

and thanks for all the support


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Well done Grinster! x x x x great achievement x x x x

Anxiety is very unpleasent and I am sorry your suffering with it at the moment x x

That's a good post, It's also worth saying to back up the DON'T SMOKE! thing is that people who do smoke suffer anxiety too! and I can't ever actually remember a time, in hindsight when I smoked a cigarette and was no longer anxious!


keep going grinfire

Hello grinfire would just like to say how well u doing i can totally relate to anxiety coz thats how i became so reliant on fags 15/16 years ago - Like uve sed everyone has different lives - so you shud be so much prouder of urself coz you are doing something very courageous especially now - coz if i would have quit smoking at my troubled times i can honestly say it would have been an impossibilty. Even now I cant believe im quitting!! So an extra special Well done to you without sounding too paronising u can surely say ur stronger then many other quitters

keep going xx

kitkat (8weeks 4days n a bit) gumgirl lol



oops!!! have a put my foot in it? :eek:


to Jeanchristmas

Wow wot an amazing and inspirational story you done really well I hope i can get as far as you are i am so glad to have read your post thanks for sharing it :)


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