Day 17 (pneumonia n quitting!) back to normal routine!

My partner has returned to work today and I am back to housework and school runs!

I managed the school run this morning OK, but found that I was more breathless than I realised when I tried to speak! Lol

Chest pains are easier, I do feel incredibly tired now though >_<

I am going to push the walking a little bit more each day, it's not too painful just

this mad twitch thing I do as I involuntarily gasp for air, quite audibly so too, it's kind of embarrassing!

Buffy x

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  • you're doing great. I bet I sound really daft - i'm 16 but I think its great you're pushing it on!

  • Thanks ethan, you don't sound daft at all! cheers for your support and good luck in your quitting too!

    Buffy x

  • Glad to hear things are going better.

    Thanx for your support yesterday, and i'm happy to hear you are doing so well :)

    Hugs, Vike

  • More than welcome Vike x x Thanks x x

    Just don't disappear on us please x x we all want to help and support, I don't want to think that if I have any slip ups, you lot won't be here for me any more!

    I just love having people around here going through it with me.

    Buffy x

  • Hehe, I am following you around the forum, I get excited each time i see a new message from you as i never know what emoticon you'll have to tickle me next!

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