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Feeling Giddy!!

Hi everyone, this is Day 1 for me (I've forgotten how many times I have tried to give up before!) I felt fine until about 4pm, since then I've felt very light headed. Lasted all day without any help, but after dinner tonight I've had a piece of gum. I also feel like I could burst into tears! I don't remember feeling like this last time I tried to give up (about 2 years ago) Anyone got any tips? I might just have an early night!

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Hello Helena!

I'm not sure about the giddyness but in the first few days anything that preoccupies your hands and mind is a help!

As your at the end of day 1 I suggest giving yourself a pad on the back, relaxing bath and a book- then indeed an early one?

Why not? :) might as well pamper yourself and celebrate surviving day 1!!!

keep up the good work :D



I was doing really well earlier and now I also feel tearful and emotional. I am going to bed with a good book as Booyaa suggests, I expect the cats will come, too. There may even be some room for hubby!! You have done so well and it will get easier. There are lots of people on here that will support and give advice. I have babbled on and on, on this forum today, people will be getting fed up, but it has helped. You have done one 24 hours already, I am sure you can do the next. You will be fine and feel so proud, so keep it up, you are doing just great.:)



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