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CAR-T Complete Remission Duration in Follicular Lymphoma


Here is some good news we learned from Dr. Steven Schuster (one of the gurus in CAR-T) during today's Lymphoma Research Foundation "Advances in Immunotherapy in the Treatment of Lymphoma" teleconference Q&A on November 17. Results from his UPENN Abramson Comprehensive Cancer Center follicular lymphoma CAR-T clinical trial showed:

* Of his 14 follicular lymphoma patients 10 (72%) achieved a complete remission.

* No patient achieving a CAR-T complete remission has relapsed.

* The average time in complete remission today stands at about 2 years.

* If your complete remission is 2 years or greater you have the same survival odds as someone who never had follicular lymphoma.

* After 1 year about 50% of his follicular lymphoma CAR-T patients no longer need IVIG infusions.

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What is CAR-T?

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Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) enhanced T-cells are lymphocytes enhanced to have cancer-killing ability. These cells with cancer fighting potential are taken from our body and then engineered to bind to a universally expressed protein on the tumor cell, such as cd19, but also cd20 and cd22 at this time. Today CAR-T is only available in a clinical trial. You can get more CAR-T information at

Sounds good Am having my last mtce treatment the day after Thanksgiving. Hope it will be a thanksgiving for me

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I hope your mtce treatments work great for you, BTW what does mtce stand for?

mtce+ maintenance


I saw this article in the Irish Independent this morning re CAR T cell therapy:

Great news.

Great news.....

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