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NHL 7 Years in Remission

Hello. I was diagnosed with NHL stage 4 B-cell follicular in 2010.

Involved were nodes all over as well as bone marrow. Before I was diagnosed with NHL I had complained to my primary doctor and my OBGYN of savere fatigue. Their response was that I am no spring chicken anymore. I ask my primary to check my thyroid in which he did. Came up normal the day after his appointment I had my yearly mammogram and oops ! There it was. Lit up like a Christmas Tree.

Lymphnodes jumping off the x-ray. That's how I found my lymphoma. I was so happy. Strange reaction I know, but I knew something wasn't right and It wasn't my imagination! So next step "git her fixed" And that's what WE did. Me, My Oncologist & My husband. We were a team. Started treatment a few weeks later. I beat fear down with my positive stick. Treatment was a success.

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Welcome,Robin. Thanks for sharing your story. Your positive attitude is an inspiration. I am two years since a lucky early diagnosis and still on watch and wait. Sometimes I need that "positive stick" myself, but I keep going and focus on staying as well as I can.


Hi and congratulations on 7 years in remission..I had a very sore hip joint back in April 2015. I am in the fitness industry and thought I pulled the hip flexors so I changed my exercise routine. I felt fine otherwise. but the pain didn't go away. I had an X-ray, thinking it was arthritis. X-rays came back clear as a bell. I was confused. Found a physio therapist who treated me for about 1 month. Pain didn't go away. I now found it hard to run on the tread mill. I demanded an MRI--and hey presto, I lit up as a christmas tree as well. I had lymph nodes behind sternum light up, arm pits, one vertebra, and it had migrated to my hip joint, the acetabulum. I had chemo 3 weeks later after numerous scans and biopsy. I am now 13 months in remission. I was diagnosed with Diffuse Large B- Cell Lymphoma. I like to speak to lots of people in my situation. I am female, born October 1948. I was 66 when diagnosed. I feel really fine now. Lost all hair obviously. It grew back soft and very curly, like wool..I keep trimming it and have now got a cute hair style and I feel super positive ! Merry Days and Many Happy years ahead...


Wow you have been through it haven't you? I know how frustrating it was for you. Good for you demanding a MRI.

I am so happy you are well. And with such a cute hairdo to boot! Best wishes my friend 🌹


Hi, I have marginal zone, at my one year checkup my hip started bothering me, I actually thought it was from running also. This is year two after X-ray MRI and an MRI with dye nothing showed up, so yours did show up in a MRI ? I always feared the cancer had gone to my hip as I had 50% involment in my bone marrow at diagnosis. I guess I need not worry if yours was found by MRI. Thank you for sharing your story


Your experience is so encouraging for others! Be well!

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thank you.


That is great!


Amen to that! We do know our bodies, I'm so glad you caught it. Your story is so similar to mine. I'm very encouraged. May your remission continue forever!


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