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Aggressive Follicular Lymphoma Now In NIH CAR-T Clinical Trial

Aggressive Follicular Lymphoma Now In NIH CAR-T Clinical Trial

In 2011 my 64 year old (at that time) wife was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma. She relapsed within 4 months of R-CHOP (6 cycles) and within 2 months of bendamustine/rituximab/velcade (6 cycles). This is when her oncologist said she had an aggressive form of follicular lymphoma. Next she was in a Phase 2 Ibrutinib clinical trial that lasted 12 months followed by 14 months of Idelalisib/rituximab. After she progressed for the fourth time,in early 2016 she was accepted into an NIH CAR-T trial and was infused on March 2 (her new birthday). She is now in complete remission.

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I don't understand the terminology used here but it sounds like your wife has been through a very difficult time.Indeed for both of you.

It's good to hear that she is now in remission What a relief for the two,of you and hopefully you can make up,for all,that lost time.

Enjoy yourselves.

Take care stay well.




Lovely picture and wonderful news! My NHL has transformed now after 7 years of all kinds of treatment, including stem cell transplant, into aggressive B cell so we are exploring clinical trials at Southampton.

may you both continue to live well and cherish every day.

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That's lovely news


Hi wmay13241, so glad you could be a part of our community! That's wonderful to hear your wife is in complete remission :)


Way to fight! No quit in a warrior! You are Blessed!


Here is some good news we learned from Dr. Steven Schuster (one of the gurus in CAR-T) during today's Lymphoma Research Foundation "Advances in Immunotherapy in the Treatment of Lymphoma" teleconference Q&A on November 17. Results from his UPENN Abramson Comprehensive Cancer Center follicular lymphoma CAR-T clinical trial showed:

* Of his 14 follicular lymphoma patients 10 (72%) achieved a complete remission.

* No patient achieving a CAR-T complete remission has relapsed.

* The average time in complete remission today stands at about 2 years.

* If your complete remission is 2 years or greater you have the same survival odds as someone who never had follicular lymphoma.

* After 1 year about 50% of his follicular lymphoma CAR-T patients no longer need IVIG infusions.


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