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New to group, but old to DLBCL NHL

Hi, my name is Felicia. I was diagnosed at 24 yrs ago when I was 28 with Stage 1b DLBCL NHL. I had a football size encapsulated tumor in my chest cavity. I had 6 months of PROMACE CYTOBOM, (they don't even use that regiment anymore) & 4 wks of radiation. I was fine for 23 yrs. In Feb 2015, I found a softball size lump under my armpit after being sick with head & chest colds off & on since October 2014. I immediately called my oncologist who I saw yearly still. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 DLBCL, had 6 cycles R-CHOP, surgery to remove small spot that didn't resolve. 2 cycles RICE, then Autologous Stem cell transplant. Been in remission for almost a year. Also tried Clinical trial of Revlimid in February 2016, but had to stop after a month because of an allergic reaction.

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Glad to hear stem cell transplant worked for you, great when it does. Didn't really do much for me and now my NHL has transformed to aggressive B cell and running out of treatment options. Being considered for clinical trials at Southampton. Hadn't hear of Revlamid but see it is used for myloma and anaemia. May you continue in remission and live well.


Hi Felicia, glad to hear you've been in remission almost a year! Congratulations! Happy to you have you in our NHL community :)


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