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In Remission from StageIV Mantle Cel

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In remission, Stage IV NHL Mantle Cel... I was diagnosed in March 2015. I am in remission after RCHOP and Rituxan. I just had my port removed yesterday after my PET scan showed no sign of cancer. I honestly can say that in the beginning I didn't think I would be here to celebrate my upcoming birthday this March 2018. Never give up hope and I thank my Doctor/and chemo team for taking such good care of me and caring for me. My husband was my Saint along with my family and many prayer warriors. I had a few days I couldn't pray for myself and am so thankful others were there for me to ask God for healing and my remission. My mantra was FROG... Forever Rely on God ... Prayers answered...🐸 Judyhoneycomb

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Hello and be strong. How old are you? I was diagnosed with MCL 8/17 and now on watch/wait. No treatments yet. Age 79 now. I like success stories.

Hi I’m so pleased for you, I was diagnosed in jan 2014 with MCL I’m 59 have 3 children and 7 grandchildren that’s what keeps me going. It’s so nice to hear good news.

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Thank You so much and I hope you will also be brought to remission. Yes those grandchildren do bring us laughter, joy and hope...

Hi Judyhoneycomb, Congratulations! My partner has Mancel Cell and had the same treatment as yourself. Unfortunately, after a few years it came back. He is now on a wonderful drug called Ibrutinib and is doing so well. He will be having a scan later in the year to see if the Cancer has finally gone. I wish you all the best of luck!

I hope he does well with the Ibrutinib. He is lucky to have you there to support and encourage him..

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Congratulations on getting a clear scan continued good health to you! It's great when a member gets good news and it gives encouragement to all of us to keep fighting.

Thank you Sharon, and please take good care of yourself. I always enjoy your uplifting comments and words of encouragement....

What a lovely feeling when you get the all clear but if you are like me you can't help still feeling a bit anxious . I wish you continued good results x

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thank you and yes there is always that anxious feeling.. you wonder if it will ever go away. take good care yourself and wishing you well always.

Had a great result good bloods b seen in 6 months xxage 73

keep well.... you can live your days , months and years ..I am happy for you

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Thank you and may you be well...

Hello Judy, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 MC Lymphoma in May of 2012. I went through chemo, stem cell transplant (my own cells). After 20 months it came back so once again I had chemo and this time had a bone marrow transplant using my brothers cells. Once again it lasted 20 months and came back. I am now on Imbrutinib (Imbruvica) and have been for 12 months. This drug has work extremely well for me. Started off on 4 day until my liver result went very high. Taken off Imbruvica for 4 weeks then went on a different cholestral tablet (Pravastatin) and reduced Imbruvica to two a day. Everything settled down and now good. Have just gone up to 3 Imbruvica tablets a day. No problems. Hoping to go on Car-T cell trials this year Car-T cell is said to be a cure. Everyone is different but stay positive, it does help. Doug

Thank you Doug for your reply and explaining your condition and meds. Keep your spirits up and may this bring you to good health...

Congratulations Judy. My husband had his auto transplant in August for Mantle Cell Lymphoma and is currently in remission and doing well. He is on IVIG for a while before he starts maintenance. Glad to hear you are in remission. Be well and enjoy life.

Reem, may your husband remain in remission and his maintenance go well... thank you for being there for him. we all need a care giver... take care of yourself as well...

Congratulations Judy brilliant news. I am also in remission and everything crossed it remains that way for us all.Keep well x

Onwards n up , never look back ,god bless xx

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Mura, thank you and yes, prayers always. FROG Forever Rely on God

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I have always Fully Relied On God also!! Your sentiments are mine exactly from Dr to Team to Spouse during my NHL experience. Diagnosed August 2017 and May 15 is my final Scan.

I Faithfully Rely On God for a clean result! God Bless!!


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thank you Cobina and Yes to FROG... And may your final scan May 15 be good and prayers answered... We pray for all cancer patients around the world...

Hello, Judy! I'm 58, Brazilian, and living with MCL since 2009. I had RCHOP (2009) and autologus transplant in my first relapse in 2012. It came back again in 2017 and using since then Ibrutinib, with fantastic response and absolutely no side effects. I believe that we are lucky with all these new approaches, including CAR T CELL therapy, next step of treatment. All the best foi you!

Thank you, I'm glad you are having positive treatments and may you continue to stay in remission. I'm still in remission, just tired all the time and feet have neuropathy. Wishing the best back to you... I am old. Will be 80 in March. I have had a great life, and we just celebrated 60 years of marriage. Thank you for your good wishes.

What a blessing, to have such wonderful life. I hope that you stay in remission and the unpleasant neuropathy go away!

Thank you and may your treatment continue to heal you....

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