Treating DLBCL with Chemo/Natural

Hello everyone! I just discovered this community. Great to be able to join!

My father was recently diagnosed with "DLBCL arising in a background of follicular lymphoma stage 3a". He is 85. He felt a lump under his chin earlier in the year. He didn't think much of it; felt it was due to old age. He went in to see his GP in March and the story goes on from there.

My dad also has prostate cancer since 2014. He chose not to go the chemo or radiation route. Instead he has been on hormones (and we know that it's effectiveness has run based on clinical reports, etc). Plus, he has also been including essiac tea and cottage cheese/flaxseed oil into his daily diet. His PSA levels have been <1 ever since.

For his lymphoma, the oncologists recommend a mini-RCHOP (half dose) due to his age. We have read of the many potential side effects from chemo. He is a bleeder plus he has a heart murmur. His mind is still good but has been becoming more forgetful in the last year. Overall, he has been active and we're working on his diet.

Since he feels fairly well for his age, he is considering to wait and watch. However, we are also discussing the possibility of doing 2 or 3 courses and then go all natural after that. Does anyone have any experience in a combo of conventional/"natural" treatment? What about functional foods, medicinal mushrooms (Chaga, turkey tail, etc) and others (graviola)?

There is a great app for those interested in medicinal herbs. It's called "About Herbs". It's from the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (

Looking forward to your comments!


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  • Hi audmaud815, Welcome to NHLFriends. Sorry to hear that your Dad is dealing with these health challenges.

    I am 62 and have follicular lymphoma diagnosed in 2014. I have not so far had treatment and I do manage my diet carefully, avoiding processed foods etc. I have a lump under my chin and several tiny ones behind and underneath my ear which so far have not increased in size. I was offered extensive radiotherapy to my face and neck, but declined it due to potential side effects which I was not prepared to risk. However that decision was entirely personal and should not be taken as recommended.

    The best advice I can give is to keep informing yourselves and ask as many questions as you can. There may be more experience here of DLBCL which I can't give and hopefully someone else will give it. There is no wrong decision only the best informed one that you choose. Even a second opinion if possible.

    Good luck with whatever you and your dad decide.

  • Thank you Sharon!

  • I did 6 R-CHOP treatments and the cancer was knocked out by the 3rd one. I am a strict vegan and honestly the chemo side effects were not that bad except losing my hair which is growing back. I did watch and wait for 14 yrs with all kinds of side effects like night sweats, itchy skin, rashes. Everything went away after the 2 treatments.

    This is a big decision for you and your dad. I hope he does well which ever treatment he decides to take. Best Regards!

  • Thank you!

  • I was diagnosed with the same after finding a lump in groin area. Stage 1. Did 4 rounds of RCHOP and 20 rounds of lowest dose radiation. This was in 2015. I do remember being tired. Losing my hair bothered me the most. My reaction was more of an emotional one with anxiety and depression but got help with that and doing well. I have two more blood tests this year, and when those go well, oncologist is dismissing me back to my family doctor. Going on a cruise to the inside passage of Alaska next month. ❤️ I am loosely a plant based vegetarian vegan 😏 !! I am 70. Hugs to your dad and your family.

  • Thank you!

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