coping with life on dialysis

Hi i'm Andy i'm 32 i was diagnosed with ploycystic kidney from birth , i had a transplant in 96 and unfortunatly it failed last november. I've been on hemo dialsis since then i have found it very hard getting used to not being as active as i once was ,i've been seeing a renal counsellor and tha as really helped me learn to cope with life physicly and mentaly, as it really hit me hard and i become very depressed but now i can see a light at the end of the tunne ,i hope this might help some of you in some way, hope to hear from you

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  • Hi Andy, I am so pleased you are coming to terms with your condition. Would you like to consider becoming a buddy or a media contact for the NKF? If you would like some more details please e-mail me at and I can e-mail a registration form to you.

    Best wishes, Pauline NKF Helpline

  • Hi Pauline i messaged you my e-mail


  • hi Andy. im kelly i was diagnosed with ploycystic kidney 2 years ago i had to leave my job because of it the kidneys doc said i was born with this but i didnt know until i lost weight n since then i have not been very well. In feb i split up from my relationship cause i could not comp with things. now i have been ok put still feeling low about things im on patchs 10 mg a hour its ok but is they anything alse i can go on thanku best wishes.

  • Hi Kelly i'm sorry to hear your having a tough time i'm also spilting up from my wife not her fault i just cant cope with a relationship at the moment , i'm on Mirtazapine to cope with my depression and chordiazepoxide to help m paince attacks , the pills do help but the counseling has really help i was suprised what i got off my chest , hope this helps

  • My kidney it's working at 17% I'm in allot of pain all the time how do you get the pain relief you talk about

  • my renal consultant issues them to me , either inform you gp about how much pain your in or contact your renal consultant. keep on at them till you get something to help they ,may give to a different pain relief better suited to your needs , hope this helps

  • Thanks Andy

  • Hemo does sap ones energy. I've been on it 3 years now PD before that, kidney disease since birth. Since being on hemo I've found it harder to deal with the normal stressful things in life so I think it definitely puts more strain on you emotionally. Luckily I have a fantastic family and circle of friends but there is so much support out there that I have accessed. Talk to your doctors and specialist, renal social worker, etc etc

  • I am a completely different person the day after dialysis. Treatment leaves me so drained but thankfully the next day I'm full of enegy, hence I try to make the best out of my dialysis free days!

  • Andy, same as you :polysystic kidneys from birth, failed transplant but then this happened

    still hope

    click on this

    let me know what you think.


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