24 hour blood pressure Monitoring for the kidneys

Hi my friends.

For anyone who's undertaken a 24 hour blood pressure monitoring please can you share you experience of this with me please? thank you.

I have received my appointment to have this done on 15th June, then to have it removed the following day.

From what I am aware of, they set it up to go off every half an hour then at night sleep times every hour.

How did you find this? Could you actually see your own readings with this one?

Thank you x

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  • Hi Dizzydi i personally have not been on this but my wife has and she says her monitor was the same half an hour during the day and hourly at night.It did disturb her sleep but she found that putting her arm on a pillow at night it helped a bit and apart from her arm being slightly red the following day it was okay.Hope this helps.

  • i have the pressure meter called OMRON made in Vietnam , i chk my BP every day abouth three times .

    As u get up pressure is normal , ut as u get warmed up with day's work bp goes up slowly , but this is not so if u take the morning and evening pills regularly , it depend upon how bad your kidneys and heart is.

    Both of my organs are not ok i had 2 heart attaks in last december . im 72 ,

    iPREFER TO DIE OF A HEART ATTACK RATHER THAN SLOWLY DYING OVER MANY MONTHS , HOW EVER Llittle meditations every day keeps your heart calm.

    my bp fluctuate from 130 to 160. the diiastole was good all the times

    what else u would like to know rom my experiences , im a male

    wish you good health

    Try to give up cravings of all sorts you will be fine n ok.


  • Hi Kithsirid, thank you for your reply.

    So sorry to learn of all your issues and hope you are stable and doing okay through all this.

    I do also have a home BP monitor where i take my readings regularly but the Neph would like me to have one attached to me so it goes off every half hour in the day and hourly overnight for more closer readings, the one they will attach to me will be by attaching the cuff on the upper arm and they will attach the monitor to a waist belt.

    I have a few BP monitors at home and one of them is OMRON, a very good make I believe.

    Again thank you for your feedback and also wishing you good health x

  • I had Hypertensive Emergency and ended up in the ER just because in my routine doctor's visits (mostly in the afternoon or early evening) my pressure reading was quite "normal on the high side" 160/95. Only after getting to the ER and spending time in the hospital were the doctors able to figure out that my BP was the HIGHEST between 2am to 4am! With a reading of almost as high as 185/110! Obviously I went through a lot of sleepless night in the hospital but it was all worth it - as I have my BP under control and taking the right medications. Specially taking a pill just before going to bed.

  • Hi Saifomar

    Thank you for your reply and sorry to hear that you had Hypertensive Emergency, glad they check you out to get it put right for you. x

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