Question about initial diagnosis of CKD at stage 3A

Hi all, I was just made aware by my primary care physician that I have stage 3A CKD. I am 58 years old caucasian male. I am scheduled to see a nephrologist. As I keep my blood test results from previous years, I calculated my GFR level over the past two decades based on my age and creatinine levels. It seems I have been at stage 3A for all that time (GFR has fluctuated between 60 and 44). I am currently at 47. The fluctuations make no sense to me as at age 41 I was at 51, yet at 45 and 46 year old I was at 60. Is this fluctuation normal? Thanks.

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  • The GFR does fluctuated, I have been at stage 3 for many years, usually mine has hovered around 38/40 but recently it's gone up to 46, don't know why. You are lucky to be referred to to a Nephrologist most people don't get referred until they reach stage 4

  • Unfortunately, I don't believe that is true. I have possible stage 3a cdk and I am being referred to a nephrologist in March and my gfr is 59 and creatinine 1.0 I think it depends on the dr.

  • I said MOST don't get referred till till they reach stage 4 as some on this site would confirm, Yes maybe it does depend on the Dr, but my GP said if he referred everyone with stage 3 CKD it would clog the system, his words not mine. Be interested to know what treatment you will be given when you see the nephrologist . Good luck

  • That is so sad. I'm in the US and lucky to have caught my disease early. I am in stage 1 and have been referred and being monitored by a Nephrologist. I am hoping that kidney disease gets more awareness and funding for research .

  • I think if everyone was checked for CKD there would be quite a lot living with it and not knowing they have it, it's only when having a blood test done for something else that CKD crops up as there usually isn't any symptoms until it reaches 3 and 4.

    Those here in the UK with CKD are monitored by their GP every 3 or 6 months for blood tests, and if there's a drastic drop in the GFR they would then get referred to a Endocronologist, ie, if it went over to stage 4

    Usually at stage 3 like I am you are just told to have a sensible diet, low salt, drink plenty etc., etc.,

    I did have a CT scan on my kidneys, and they found that I had one slightly smaller with a cyst, but no treatment needed for that,

  • Hello, and welcome. I have done a lot of research on the internet and everything is so conflicting, one site said that once your grf goes down it can't go up. NOT TRUE. I think your dr should of looked at your blood work a little better if you fluctuated between 60 and 44 for the past 20 years. I am being referred to a specialist and my gfr is 59 which is boarderline. I am a 49 year old female. I started drinking lots of water, never been a water person, and have been eating healthy for the past month and had my levels checked, but they stayed the same. I will see what the specialist has to say in March. Good luck to you.

  • Thanks. I have never been a water drinker also. Mainly soda and not much of that. My typical liquid consumption is less than a liter a day (and that includes coffee and soda). I wonder if I start drinking more water, could my GFR go back up a little? We shall see I guess.

  • Yes, I am told by everybody to drink lots of water. I quit drinking coffee, mainly because I put to much sugar in and my real poison was sweet tea, gave it all up and only drink water. It was hard to get down 64 ozs a day, but i did it. I use to love my sweets, but I think I flushed out all my sugar cravings drinking so much water! Go me! :O) It keeps your body and organs hydrated.

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