For the first time in many years my GFR has risen to 46, usually it's between 38/40and my creatinine down to 104, I'm not sure why as I haven't done anything other than my usual routine, drink,food etc., In fact I have been quite poorly for a few months with 2 chest infections, and several urine infections, also I have just been diagnosed with Adrenal failure.

Now my question is, could the rise in my GFR be due to the many antibiotics I have recently taken ? I'm puzzled, but happy with the readings.

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  • Wow! Bowler, that's what I call a result. If you do find the answer to the improved eGFR, please let me in on the secret. I doubt it would be the antibiotics - don't they usually have the opposite effect on already reduced kidney function? Unless, of course, the urine infections have been simmering away unknowingly for a very long time and have finally completely resolved, leading to an improvement in your eGFR, ie could the urine infections themselves have caused the lower long-standing eGFR? Who knows? I'm on my second chest infection in the last couple of months, so perhaps there's hope for my eGFR as well! Had repeat tests on Friday so I can only hope! The problem is that I fear the horrendous coughing is probably making my already difficult-to-treat high blood pressure even higher. Good luck, bowler - if your eGFR and creatinine stabilise at those figures, that is wonderful news.

  • Hi. Celtic

    It's a vicious circle isn't it ? I do hope your b/pressure isn't affected, I like you had an awful cough which is still lingering, and like you say who knows re my raised eGFR I'm almost beginning to think they made a mistake. I was on a low dose of Pred 6mgs for 3 months, could it be that,? however I'm now on 7 1/2 mgs, since my symptoms of adrenal failure, so maybe if I had another b/test the eGFR may go up, I'm hoping I don't have to wait too long before I see an Endo. It seems one thing looks/gets better then something else crops up.

    I will let you know how the eGFR goes.

    hope you soon feel better


  • PS

    I forgot to say that I have been having so much salt due to the craving I have with this adrenal problem, you would have thought it would affect my kidneys for the worse rather than the other way, I have to run past the salty crisps and peanuts in the supermarket isle to stop me from buying them, it's almost an addiction.

  • Steroids are sometimes prescribed for kidney problems, so I doubt that either increasing or decreasing the steroids would have any effect on your kidney function.

    It's horrid having a salt craving isn't it, especially when we're advised to restrict it. I had an intense salt craving for a short while last year but in my case a blood test revealed that my sodium levels had plummeted. My blood pressure medication was changed and the salt craving disappeared. I remember another symptom at the time was sudden lethargy.

    I do hope the Endo appointment comes through soon, but meanwhile I hope you feel an improvement on the increased steroid dose.

  • If you have a salt craving you probably need fludrocortisone as well as the replacement hydrocortisone for your adrenal failure. If you haven't had one already ask for a renin test.

  • I am being referred to an Endocronologist so he/she will hopefully sort me out

  • Good for you! So many strange things with this disease, it's hard to know what to do! When I started this I was so careful with everything I put in my mouth. Now I've relaxed that a little because sometimes I just need to forget I have this disease and enjoy the little things that make me happy, like coffee😀Prayers for you, God can do anything!

  • If you haven't already found it ADSHG have a great forum for Addison's. Best of luck.

  • Thank you very much


  • Congratulations on the improved GFR. I wouldn't attribute it to the antibiotics, though. So many antibiotics have a negative effect. I recently completed two courses and my GFR dropped from 44 to 31. There's a company where I can self order lab tests. A complete metabolic panel costs about $24 Now that the infections have cleared up, I'm going to go for another test to see if it has improved. It will be then that I can make any kind of correlation between the antibiotic use and the GFR swing. The 44 was a bit of an outlier, anyway. My doctor is happy if I stay between 30–40. That's the range I hope to maintain. I'm looking forward to getting the results of today's test.

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