Dialysis imminent

Hi all. Creatinine has jumped by 50 points. I now have12 per cent kidney function. I am seeing my consultant on Wednesday and I know things are going to start moving forward now. I think it has possibly gone up through stress as my other half is being treated for recurrent cancer and is having radiotherapy and chemo for the next five weeks. Can't believe it's all happening at the same time for us both.

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  • I too face imminent dialysis but people on here have helped me realise that it isn't the end, that your energy levels can improve and you adapt.

    Timing sucks. I've also learnt that. You'd never imagine that you can deal with so much at one time. But you can and you do. I hope you both are better soon.

  • Thanks. I think I am ready for dialysis now as I feel exhausted all the time. My fear is that he will be in hospital having his op while I am trying to get to grips with dialysis. I think it's just coming to terms with everything all at once.

  • Hi Treasha54,

    I'm sorry to hear about your double problem, it must be hard to take.

    Next week is the 4th anniversary of going on Peritoneal APD, done by a machine during the night and that might be the best for you as you can disconnect yourself in about a minute if necessary to help your other half and the connect back up again afterwards.

    It also leaves your day totally free but it does require space in the house for the supplies although some people put a good quality shed in the garden to store them.

    I wish you luck with whatever you decide.

  • Hi Treasha, sorry to hear about your partner must be a lot to deal with, I am the same as you I just had a call from my consultant, I am still in shock I knew it was going to happen but thought I had at least another year or two before it got to this stage, but I have just been told that my Kidney function is at 12 per cent. Hope all goes well all the best.


  • Thanks for your replies. I have decided to go the peritoneal route. ( my brother did it a few years ago before his transplant and it seemed to work well for him).. I too was hoping to eek dialysis out a bit longer but I think the stress of everything recently has made my numbers worse. I have also been doing the low protein diet now for the last two years so knew that this was going to happen sooner or later.

  • Hi Treasha54,

    It is cruel to be given two severe medical problems like that, you have my sympathy, but, now you have to be strong and get this dialysis sorted. So that you can start to get some energy back, find your appetite for food and life. Start to live again.

    I went into kidney failure in 1990, I am still here and well enough to work three days a week. I have had a transplant which lasted 17 years, I have done CAPD, APD and HD. All have their good and bad points, including the transplant.

    You are not alone, every dialysis patient has been where you are now, (excluding partners recurrent cancer). You will find that which ever unit you are going to be under for your treatment, the staff are very friendly and will explain the different dialysis types, it will be your choice, guided by the staff who will find out what your personal needs and commitments are.

    Fairly quickly you will find you will feel better once started on dialysis.

    Sometimes depending on how ill you are, they can get temporary access via a tube to give you a short cycles on a haemodialysis (HD) machine, this is done very gently and you may feel better after a couple of goes.

    Depending on your choice, determines how soon you start, for example to use APD or CAPD you will have a tube fitted into your tummy, this then needs to heal for a while before you can use it.

    HD, they can fit a tube and use it right away, a more permanent version called a Tesio can be fitted or a fistulae created. A fistulae is a vein chosen in clinic which is widened with a small surgical procedure.

    The main thing I want you to understand is, your health is very poor, dialysis will change that, you will get better.

    I wish you both luck, and I hope things soon start to improve for you.


  • Thank you Clem. I am expecting my consultant to get things moving now. My appointments in the morning.

  • I hope it all goes well.

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