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Cholesterol keeps increasing

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Need to pick your brains please.

I'm in end stage renal function but not on dialysis at the moment but have a fistula ready to go but my doctor is try to get me a transplant via my dad.

Dad has had 12months the of tests and it's been a roller coaster. We were told yes in November and then no the day after so he's been having more tests. Thats my history.

In 2012 my cholesterol was 5.7 and TG was 4.1, 2015 in was 7.9 no TG taken, and then in December 2017 it was 8.3 and TG 5.3 now it has been repeated this week and it's 9.6 and TG is 5.9.

I just don't understand It, I'm very small build (underweight if anything) I don't eat fatty foods or processed foods as i have food allergies to Gluten, wheat, diary and eggs. I use rapeseed oil or coconut oil for cooking. I eat good fats like avacodo and walnuts. I try and stay as active as I can but it's hard with my renal function as it is.

Do any of you have an issue with your Cholesterol, I just can see it being my diet that is causing the issue. Could it be just my renal function causing the increase cholesterol ?



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I have been on dialysis for almost 10 years, PD for 7 & HD for last 3.

I eat fatty food, bacon and egg most mornings. I take Statins, my cholesterol is 3

Just doesn't make sense. Why did you go on statins? What was your level? Could you not control your Cholesterol if you stopped eating the fatty processed meats? Aren't they to high in salt my dieticianhas them on my don't touch list

Because of this my doctor put me on them

Not for cholesterol control but it has made it very low.

Thanks for the article. I'm only 37 which is why I really don't want to go on them and other bad press they've had

Apologies Charlene, I wrote my post before spotting you saying you know about statins.

That's understandable at you age, which is only 1 year more than my daughter. She has reduced her cholesterol by using probiotic spreads such as Flora ProActiv

Worked for her but of course doesn't mean it will for you.

Thank you for all your info its much appreciate and apologises about all the questions.

I can't do them unfortunately due to my allergies. I really don't think it's my diet I'm concerned it's my kidneys not processing the cholesterol. I guess I will check when I see my consultant next month and will have had more bloods and we may have answer about my dad's test results

Most cholesterol (75%) in you body is manufactured by the liver and also removed by the liver if in excess. Kidneys play little or no part in it.

High Cholesterol has an inverted effect on low thyroid. So might be an idea to get your thyroid blood panel checked out. ? Doctors years ago knew this one, sadly today, not so.

Please check this again with other members about high cholesterol/low thyroid on the 'Thyroid UK' site here on Health Unlocked, where they can also give you a full list of thyroid bloods to ask your Doctor for if you wish.

My Mum had kidney failure and was on dialysis. Did you know taking statins for high cholesterol can actually cause kidney failure ? I have seen it written somewhere. My Mum was on a statin. Cholesterol is NOT the bad guy it is made out to be, statins are the bad guy. (Google 'Are Statins dangerous, but ignore some of the top posts))

Statins also causes pre diabettes/diabettes in 77% of women over menopausal age. Statins I believe worsened my Mums diabettes, before she went into kidney failure. After she was on dialysis she took herself off 9 prescription pills she did not need, including the statin and went onto some vitamin D3 which can help turn around many ills.

Heart Doctors are now reporting that Those with low or normal cholesterol levels are the ones having heart attacks, (also strokes.) People we know that are on statins have been caused heart attacks and one a stroke, yet statins are meant to prevent these ? Our brains are made up of cholesterol so why would we need to reduce our naturally made cholesterol ? Lowering our cholesterol in our brains can bring on dementias and Altzheimers. (Dr Joel Wallache)

Check out 'TheGreat Statin and Cholesterol Con' by (Scottish) Dr Malcolm Kendrick.

Thanks for your response. For all your reasons and comments above are why I really don't want to start statins and to be fair my renal consultant doesnt what me to either it was the renal dietican. My consultant ordered thyroid tests so I will have to check them. Thanks for the info


Hi Charlene, it's been awhile now-have you seen your doc's/dietitian? & What happened with your dad? Hoping your labs are better! My son's cholesterol was high due to one of his medications, he is on a statin. Due to the transplant failing his doc is weening him down on his immunsuppression meds, so hopefully we can get rid of that statin soon! Take care sweetie & please let us know how you're doing! :)

Hi Kelli

Cholesterol improved a bit with no statins after coming of my nutrient drink which was full of fats. It's still 7 but my consultant doesn't want to use a station on me. My diet is super healthy no processed or junk food, I don't use salt, don't eat salty snacks, my diet consider of meat, fish, veg and fruit and cook with coconut oil. I don't eat dairy, wheat, gluten or eggs so it's a strange one.

Dad was given the go ahead again after more tests pencilled in for early february, then 24th January we were told no my consultant got another opinion from 3 different hospitals and they all agreed my dad's function was ok for him but not to donate. I'm still plodding on at the moment cx

Oh no! I'm so sorry! (I am glad dad is ok tho, I was starting to think they found something in him!) But it sux for you! :( Is mom able to donate? (Joey doesnt have any living donors either unfortunately. He is on the list. We have another 2 years to wait-here you have to wait your turn <3-4 years, they called it "putting in your time"> & then after the waiting period is more waiting for the right kidney. So some people end up waiting 3 years, some end up waiting 10+. I dont know how your system works.)

Glad chol down! How is your parents cholesterol? Could it be hereditary?

Hi Charlene--got some stuff done & am taking a break, thought I'd check in & see how you're doing! So how are you today??? :)

Glad you got your jobs done and having a break. I'm doing ok today with isn't bad considering I only have 7% renal function at best the other month it was 5.7 and to laugh as we're counting points too.

My parents are good. Mum was initially going to do the live exchange programme but they doing her function was excellent but mostly from the one kidney as one of them was heavily scared and no good. No big surprise as was told I had got it from my parents genes.

Neither parent as cholesterol or any health issues. It all landed at my door....only joking

I live in England and it's all about the best fit. Some get a donor in a day others it can be 15years. I'm not the best blood time so I wait until I get that call

Dam girl! I'm sorry! Joey has neph doc tomorrow, dialysis clinic Tues, we do labs on Thurs (because of our July 4th/Independence Day)-so we'll be finding out his levels probably Monday. @ least you're not on dialysis yet right? LOL Anyway, I'm happy for you! I'm hoping & praying for you to find a kidney soon! It's funny-my son keeps asking "who's Yat?" & "who's Charlene?" lmao! Hey do you guys use the same initials i.e. "lmao" for "Laughing My A** Off" as we do over here? (Question from Joey lol) But, are you an only child? Joey is, his father passed away about 8 years ago now & I already gave him a kidney. One of my sisters (I have 2; this is the 1 who originally declined 21 years ago; the other has never stepped up due to having cancer in the past) started the process of giving him a kidney but then found out she has "medical issues." We are an estranged family so I do not know what that means. Do you have cousins? Absolutely no one has stepped up for Joey. I do understand some of them but can not possibly understand or forgive those who are able-you know? It just doesnt make sense to me! I would gladly give him my other kidney & trade places! Shoot, I'd gladly give you my other kidney!! I'm rambling I'm sorry--well actually I'm procrastinating lmao! I should get up & do what I have to do lol! :) Take care sweetie!

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