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How do you handle the hard times in life with dialysis throwm on top of that

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I feel as things get better for me and i start to have a lot going on it only gets interrupt by something negative and i feel like its trying to break me. Im moving back to PD and im excited but today i felt this negative cloud over me

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I try to take each day as it comes. It is easier said than done, I know. The other thing that I find helpful is thinking of three things to be thankful for each morning, and again in the evening and writing them down. There is always something.

Good luck with the PD.I suspect everyone on dialysis gets down about it from time to time - you don't say how long you've been doing it... my experience was that eventually I just got used to it, and it stopped clouding my good days, and caused fewer bad days as time went by. I hope it works out at least as well for you.

It's tough, I won't lie. I'm not gonna give out some platitudes that we have all heard over & over. Personally, I let myself wallow in the depression, I yell, bitch, scream, cry, do whatever I feel like. Eventually the negativity passes & I find a my a next normal. ((there is no such thing as "back to normal" you never go back in time))

I will say a good support system helps me. Family & friends are indispensable. My most important people are the ones that don't do sympathy. Understanding yes. Sympathy NO.

My besties know I just want to be included. They also understand I can't always keep up, & don't nag when I say "no thank you".

Just do, what you know, you can do. There is no guide book.

No easy answers.

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