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Kidney Dialysis
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Dialysis on every 4th day

My sister (Age-23) suffering from CKD since December'17. In the beginning when her creatnine level is 8 that time we were not very much aware about her condition and thinking that Homeopathy or Ayurvedic medicine can treat the disease and got the Cretanine level down but it's not happened and creatnine level increasing rapidly and reached to 20.

Than we took the decision to begin Hemo-Dialysis with her nephorologist, till date she completed her 25th dialysis (Spam of every 4th day) from fistula in her hand. She is too weak her weight is only 37 before dialysis and 34 after dialysis.

After every 3rd day she complaint of breathing problem and didn't sleep in the whole night.

Can you please suggest some diet plan/Exercise or anything which help us to increase the time spam between two dialysis (right now every 4th day she is on dialysis) ?

Her hand is paining very much due to needle inserted every 4th day on dialysis.

And one more question :

How many year one can survive on dialysis ?

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Hello! Is your sister currently on a renal diet and does she have a fluid restriction? If not, Davita.com has a lot of good information to get you started. Some highlights include limiting phosphorus and sodium (potassium as well depending on labs) but the diet itself is very individualized. Eating whole, healthy foods will take your sister very far as well, which is the basis of a renal diet. Big phosphorus groups are dairy products, nuts, beans and processed goods. I know it might seem hard, but having her do light exercise (like laps around the house, walking up and down stairs or going to a mailbox and back) will also help keep her active and healthy while on dialysis. If she is able to, Peritoneal Dialysis might be an easier option for her, and it's easier on the system since it's daily and at home.

Many people go many years on dialysis and lead wonderful, productive lives! According to the national kidney foundation, average life expectancy is 5-10 years, but that doesn't mean she can't live many more years and be perfectly healthy otherwise. Is she a candidate for transplant? If so, I recommend becoming listed! I hope this helps and good luck to you and your sister!


Maybe she would do better with peritoneal dialysis with her needle access in her abdomen which is less painful and better tolerated....


Peritoneal Dialysis may be better tolerate. It involves surgery which a devive is implanted in the peritoneal. It can usually be used a week after the procedure. There will be a tube with is attached to a catheter and doesn't involve needles. There are Pros and Cons of this type of dialysis. Google, speak with a nurse at the clinic or speak with her Nephrologist about PD. I've was on PD for 4 years. I forgot one more thing. It's done 7 days a week.

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It does take time to adapt and get used to the needle sticks. Speak with the dietitian at your clinic. Are you in the U.S.? They can provide you with a diet, fluid restrictions and direct you in the proper way to keep albumin at good levels. I have been doing home hemodialysis for nearly 17 years so yes it is doable. You/she must self manage her care well. Blessings

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I am in india


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