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Kidney Dialysis
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What is the truth about Dialysis?

What is the truth about dialysis? My mom is in the position of deciding whether or not its time to go on it. Of course she is prolonging it as long as possible, but has settled on the Home Dialysis (Peritoneal Dialysis) if it is indeed that time. Plus, we hear its not as tiring. She still urinates regularly and doesn't have vomit, swelling, etc, but has been extremely tired lately and doesn't eat much. Anyways, my questions is, what is the truth? Her doctors tell her everything will be gravy, she will feel better. But then we have nurses and other people telling us its hard on the body, you are still tired, and there are a lot of complications, especially after a few years of going on it. HELP!!!

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I think pd dialysis is a good choice. I have been on it for 9months and it gives you a lot more freedom then hemo,plus i dont feel drained like the hemo pateints do. I am a 57 year old female with about 10% kidney function. I feel like i have more energy since i started.

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Hello and welcome to the NKF Kidney Dialysis Community! Dialysis can be a difficult treatment for some and much easier for others, however, it is life changing no matter the circumstance.

Hemodialysis patients on average do report feeling more fatigued than those on peritoneal dialysis.

For general information you may find helpful please visit the NKF at kidney.org/atoz/atozTopic_D...

Best wishes!


I've been on PD for a year and I feel so much better. No more sleeping 12-14 hr a day and no appetite. Having a good dialysis team is key - nurse, dietitian and Dr. From what I've read, doing PD is much easier on the body than HD since it's done each night while you sleep. I did HD for a week (3 x wk) when I had an issue with the PD cath - HD (for me) was awful. I'm SO glad they got my PD cath flushed & working again. Best of luck to your Mom.


I have two sisters both requiring dialysis. One chose peritoneal the other chose hemo at a center. Regardless of the choice it is a lifestyle change. It is not a cure, it is a way to feel better and have a life. We have polycystic kidney disease and it is inevitable we will be on dialysis.

I have watched my sister on hemo dialysis for 9 years and it is taxing. Not just the procedure but getting up and going three days a week. The positive side is she is able talk to others in the same situation. A support system if you will.

The peritoneal dialysis was a little less stressful, but you have to have enough room for all the supplies. The nurse comes into the home, they check on you and you can reach them 24 hours a day.

Watching them both I think when its time for me to join those dialysing I will want to try the home peritoneal. It was time consuming but it really seemed to be easier on her body. These are my observations, and every person is not the same. Ask questions and if you do not understand ask them again.

I recommend a book titled "That Damn Dialysis" It is a look from the patients view.

God bless your family and what ever choice she makes it will be the right one. Once she starts dialysing, she will start to see a difference in how she feels.


I do PD at first it was a breeze I was working but after being on it for awhile now I'm slowing down but I believe mine is more depression than dialysis related . So i believe your attitude really has a lot to do with how u handle dialysis PD or hemodialysis its harder on me emotionally I think than physically. I do PD for 10 hrs over night , the machine is loud and wakes me up a lot , but I was miserable at hemo and ended up in ER a lot so I'm willing to deal with the sleepless nights and loud machine over being sick and in ER because they were drawing to much and dehydrating me


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