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Support for a Type 1 Diabetic - multiple issues


Trying to understand more to support my brother. He is a 51 yo Type 1 diabetic since 21. He is on home dialysis. Still is in process of getting on a list - he has amputations of toes whereby wounds are not healing well. He experiences severe afib. Low protein count is issue as well. Anyone experience something similar to be able to overcome to get on kidney transplant list? Looking for hope - he is depressed and giving up

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Wow you just described ME type1 diabetic since 20 yo, diagnosed with 10% kidney function at 49 yo😞started PD for3 years then hemo for4 years Then hep c took 2 years to fix that then after mutable tests procedures etc. Finally got on list😄2 months later got the Call had transplant 5 months ago🙏🙏🙏 so any questions d be happy to try and answer, I’m 55 yo my life has totally changed in the last 5 months🙏🙏 go to every opponent take any test do whatever you have to to get on the list I’m LIVING proof theirs a light at the end of the tunnel🌈 please don’t give up now I thought I was going to die many times but I made it through ,never give up,


Thank you Dave. I will send this to my brother. He is really struggling with multiple complications. He can't seem to get the open wounds/infections to subside enough to get on the list. I am so heartened to hear you got a new kidney!

Thank you very much🙏When it comes to infections the best thing to do is do exactly what your doctor and nurses tell you, I got infection in my adomin when on PD they tried a couple antibiotics without success never felt pain like that before😪finally they admitted me for 10 days of misery I had to beg for pain killers I finally got them they gave me dilotine ! It turned out the infection was in my line so they took it out and gave me the choice to continue PD or goon Hemo I chose Hemo didn’t trust my self any more! Never been so sick in my life’s! I hope they can help your brother🙏


Me too - thank you so much

Please don’t hesitate to ask me anything at all I feel I need to give back in what ever way I can😂

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